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My Name is Nicole Young, and I strongly believe that there is not enough of me to live all of the lives I have dreamed of living. If I could clone myself I would! I am learning life everyday, and finding love for the life I live. I have made it my mission to inspire others to learn to love their life as well. I recently took on the journey of music photography! So far I have found a new sense of purpose through my photography. I enjoy photographing all genres of music, and can’t identify one specific type I enjoy over the other. My personal playlist can go from R&B to Christian Rock then to rap music on a whim. I do not like to limit myself. I am 27 years old, I am a mom of two, a full time student studying behavioral health science. My profession aside from photography is Mental Health. I am a full time crisis specialist, and a Mental health technician.

Nicole Young

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