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You're NOT Living Life If You Don't See TesseracT On Their Headlining Tour!

On October 6th, 2023- TesseracT performed at the Music Farm in Charleston SC with support from Alluvial and Intervals on their North America Tour "War of Being"

Alluvial was the first band to perform that night that consists of Kevin Muller (Vocals) , Tim Walker (Bass) , Wes Hauch (Guitar/Vocals) , and Zach Dean (Drums). Kevin joined the band in 2018 and later released the album "Sarcoma" in 2021. At first Wes Hauch and former member Keith Merrow started the band with only instrumentals and released "The Deep Longing For Annihilation" back in 2017. The elements of this band is mostly death metal, but in an interview Hauch stated that they wanted to progress in different aspects of death metal and keep the terrifying part in the lyrics, but also making sure lyrics are meaningful to the point where the audience can experience different types of emotions

On October 5th, 2023- Alluvial released their new single "Bog Dweller" on their new EP "Death Is But A Door" which will released on January 12th, 2024.

The best part during the whole set was capturing Tim Walker (Bass) constantly with the epic flips of his dreads!

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Direct support Intervals was up next! Aaron Marshalls (Guitarist) and co-founder of Intervals started in Toronto, Ontario in 2011. Intervals is a progressive instrumental band that rarely focus's on adding vocals to their sound. The band consists of Nathan Bulla (Drums) , Jacob Umansky (Bass) , and Travis LeVrier (Guitar)

During Intervals set, Jacob took the microphone and announced "Its our fearless leader Aaron Marshalls birthday! Hes finally 21! Lets sing him happy birthday!" The whole crowd started to sing happy birthday and capturing this moment and seeing how happy Aaron looked is something Id never forget!

Aaron made an announcement and stated "Its an honor to perform here tonight because I believe that the last time we were here was back in 2014. With show of hands, who actually went to that show?" A couple dozen hands raised in the crowd showing how many people attended the 2014 show!

Throughout the set; Aaron had constant guitar changes depending on the song that was next!

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The moment we were all waiting for! TesseracT was finally on stage with illuminating lights almost too hypnotic to look at. Opening up with "Natural Disaster" from their new album "War of Being" released on September 15th, 2023 with the song at almost 500k Spotify plays!

TesseracT consists of Daniel Tompkins (Vocals) , Acle Kahney (Guitar/Writer/Producer) , Amos Williams (Bass) , James Monteith (Guitar) , and Jay Postones (Drums)

"War of Being" tour started in October and will continue all the way till May 2024 traveling through North America, the UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia with special guests Intervals, Alluvial, Unprocessed and The Callous Daoboys

With the recent release of their newest album; here are some reviews of the album!

  • "The Virtuosity , intelligence, and refinement of this reflective modern progressive metal make "War of Being" one of the best albums of the year, and a great success for TesseracT" - Rockhard France

  • "So massive that its almost overwhelming" - The Soundboard

  • "The bravest and boldest record they have made to date" -

TesseracT also released the lyric video for "Echoes" on October 4th, 2023 and currently has over 28k views with nothing, but positive feedback in the comments stating this album might be one the best albums of the year and how the lyrics are "soul quenching" with the mixture soft melodies

Keep Up With TesseracT Online: Instagram / Facebook / Website / Youtube


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