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“Would You Miss It?” Proves Koyo Is Long Island's Hottest Band

Updated: Mar 18

The Long Island Hardcore Scene is one of the most unique and distinctive scenes in Hardcore and Punk music. It's home to many notable acts such as Incendiary, Sanction, Silent Majority, Backtrack, Pain of Truth, amongst many others. But there’s one band, whose combination of punk, hardcore, and emo really makes them stand out, and that’s Koyo. On September 29th, Koyo, which consists of members Joey Chiaramonte (vocals), TJ Rotolico (guitar), Harold Griffin (guitar/vocals), Stephen Spanos (bass), and Sal Argento (drums), released their debut album Would You Miss It? through Pure Noise Records. With themes of nostalgia, fake friendships, regret, optimism, hope and melancholy mixed with heavily layered instrumentation and gruff vocals, Would You Miss It? takes you on a ride through a wave of feelings and emotions akin to that of walking through autumn leaves while reminiscing and missing good old times with friends and loved ones.

The first track "51st State" kicks things off right away with valiant vocals and invigorating instrumentals. This fast-paced intro track will grab your attention in an instant. With hard-hitting drums and resonating guitars to get you pumped up like a traditional hardcore song would, Chiaramonte’s vocals contribute an additional layer with a grieving tone that really sets the song apart from others of the same genre.

Lead single "You're On The List (Minus One)" follows up "51st State" with vocals that echo through your head and linger there. Chiaramonte and Griffin bounce off each other's tonality flawlessly and will have you absorbed until the song's grand chorus which is catchy and memorable. The track is an overall fan favorite, and even if you haven't heard it before, you will find yourself singing along to the chorus by the end of it, whether you planned to or not.

"Life's a Pill" is certainly the deepest and darkest song off Would You Miss It? It's a post-hardcore melody that deals with the loss and mourning of a loved one and was written about a family member of vocalist Joey Chiaramonte, who died while Koyo was on tour. While touching on the subject of loss, "Life's a Pill" also gives off a very nostalgic sound, reminding me of early 2000's emo music.

"I Might Not" is your standard pop-punk song infused with Chiaramonte’s one-of-a-kind searing vocals blending together with blazing guitar tones from Griffin and Rotolico adding a flare to it that makes it stand on its own. "Flatline Afternoon" keeps that up until Anthony Didio (, Fleshwater) hits you out of nowhere with his blood-curling guest screams that turn "Flatline Afternoon" from a light-hearted emo anthem, into an angry hardcore song in a blink of an eye. It's like you're listening to The Story So Far, and then SeeYouSpaceCowboy just comes kicking down the door.

"Anthem" is hands down, my favorite song from Would You Miss It? The song is an ode to Long Island's Hardcore Scene and was written as a message to local aspiring Long Island bands. The lyrics establish that one day, these upcoming artists will have their chance to shine and climb to the top of the scene to take Koyo's place when the day comes for them to step away from the music. Chiaramonte wrote the song as an open letter to everyone who understands and identifies with him. Despite being the shortest track on the album, "Anthem" packs it all in. With rapid-fire drumming, crunchy and big-sounding guitars, and an anthemic chorus; "Anthem" will have you feeling alive again and in search of a thrill.

“Sayonara Motel” fits the depiction of a quintessential emo song with a catchy hook, upbeat drumming, and a warm guitar tone. If you were hoping for a sing-along track, look no further than "Message Like A Bomb". This anthemic ballad will have you singing word-for-word to its melodic chorus and if you were not already moshing to other parts of the song, the chorus will definitely get you jumping. Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw) throws in some additional guest harmonies on top of it throughout the bridge, leaving a nice but intoxicating touch that will keep you coming back for more.

In general, there are not many songs about breakups or relationships on this album, that’s where "What’s Left To Say" and "Postcards" come in respectively. Despondent guitar melodies dominate "What’s Left To Say" with Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalanche, The Movielife) providing guest vocals that bring the song to its emo core. Chiaramonte pours himself out in “Postcards” making this the ultimate love song.

Anyone who has been stuck in a fake friendship or one-sided friendship will find themselves attached to the closing track “Crushed”. “Crushed” unleashes feelings of disappointment and frustration for ‘friends’ who wouldn’t even go out of their way to call and check in on you. With a catchy singalong chorus, radiant guitars, and upbeat drumming, you’ll get a feeling of victory and closure which makes “Crushed” the perfect conclusion to this astonishing album.

It's safe to say Koyo has made a standing impression with their debut release and has set the bar very high for rising Long Island emo and hardcore ensembles. If you're expecting Would You Miss It? to mince its words, you're in for a rude awakening. Would You Miss It? comes at you in full force with no signs of stopping and it's clear Koyo took every bit of their time in making sure this release made the impact it has had.

Stream/Purchase Would You Miss It? here.


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