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WhoMadeWho and Blue Hawaii Unite on Synth-Infused Masterpiece “Kiss Me Hard”

Danish electronic trio WhoMadeWho has teamed up with Canadian duo Blue Hawaii to deliver a mesmerizing new single, "Kiss Me Hard." This track, the thrid preview from WhoMadeWho's forthcoming album Kiss & Forget, which is set to drop on September 13, is a synth-drenched anthem that showcases the collaborative brilliance of both acts. The song is available now via The Moment, and it's a testament to the magic that happens when two innovative forces in electronic music join together.

"Kiss Me Hard" is a lush ode to romance and adventure, blending WhoMadeWho's bold electronic textures with Blue Hawaii's signature indie dance sound. The song opens with ethereal synth lines that immediately set a dream tone, while voicemail samples echoing heartfelt sentiments like "I wanna go anywhere with you" add an intimate layer to the track. As the melody builds, the track captures the essence of youthful spontaneity and the joy of living in the moment — a hallmark of WhoMadeWho’s music.

The creation of "Kiss Me Hard" was a serendipitous as the song itself. Originally titled "Caribbean Blade," the track was conceived by WhoMadeWho during a tour in Punta Cana. When they sent it to Blue Hawaii in December 2023, they hoped for some added flavor. After months of anticipation, Blue Hawaii's Ra responded with an inspired melody and compelling lyrics, elevating the track to new heights. According to Ra, the song tells the story of two lovers escaping their mundane lives for an adventure, driven by the symbolic power of a Caribbean Leaf Blade knife — a poignant metaphor for taking control of their destiny.

Ra's vocal performance on "Kiss Me Hard" is both powerful and emotive, perfectly complementing the song's nostalgic and adventurous themes. The imagery of a late-night escape, inspired by a glistening knife in a bong shop, adds a whimsical yet profound layer to the narrative. The track's evolution from a simple beat to a fully realized anthem of love and freedom highlights the deep connection and creativity shared by the artists.

Following the success of Camelphat's remix of WhoMadeWho's "Love Will Save Me" with RY X, "Kiss Me Hard" heightens the anticipation for their ninth studio album, Kiss & Forget. The album promises to showcase the band's vast musical range and their knack for creating emotionally resonant electronic music. WhoMadeWho's recent win for 'Best Live Performance' at the 2024 Beatport Awards further cements their status as a powerhouse in the electronic music scene.

Blue Hawaii, composed of Raphaelle "Ra" Standell-Preston and Alex "Agor" Kerby, brings a distinct flavor to "Kiss Me Hard." Known for their fusion of 00s dance music and Indie Sleaze, Blue Hawaii's contributions add a deep emotional core to the track. Their journey, which includes Juno-nominated albums and a commitment to innovative electronic music, is reflected in the depth and texture of their collaboration with WhoMadeWho.

Agor's reflection on the collaboration process highlights the beauty of creating music across distances. Despite being miles apart, the artists managed to create a track that feels cohesive and organic. The rapid pace of their collaboration, facilitated by modern technology, underscores the immediacy and connectivity that music can bring.

"Kiss Me Hard" is a triumph of collaboration, blending the best elements of WhoMadeWho and Blue Hawaii to create a track that is both nostalgic and forward-looking. With its rich textures, heartfelt lyrics, and emotive vocals, the single not only sets the stage for WhoMadeWho's upcoming album but also reinforces the power of artistic partnership. As we await the release of Kiss & Forget on September 13, "Kiss Me Hard" serves as a tantalizing preview of the musical journey ahead.

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