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Who Is Hunter Oliveri?

Updated: Mar 7

We've got a fresh face on the music scene, folks! Hunter Oliveri may only be 17, but he's got some serious introspective game. Don't expect him to come out of the gate as some cookie-cutter rock star wannabe with a plastic smile, though. Hunter's got an authenticity that shines through his music. With his tracks, he's endeavoring to make sense of himself and the world around him, and we're absolutely here for it.

Get ready to take a trip down memory lane with this music video! It's like a time machine back to the days of chasing good vibes and living for the next hit of whatever feels good. And let's not forget the star of the show, Oliveri, who not only brings the jams but also rocks a mane of curls that puts all other hairdos to shame. Watch it and get ready to feel like a carefree teenager again.

"My mom wants me to get a job, two jobs, everything's expensive as fuck, I have friends making more on OnlyFans than college graduates/doctors, everything's dumb," says Hunter. "So I tried to grab the feelings I have on the daily of: What is the point of doing what my parents want me to do when shit just feels dumb as fuck?”

Oliveri continues, "I bet a lot of kids could relate to having people tell you to go to college, find a steady career, have a family, and be a part of this fucked up system when in reality, I just want to be a kid my entire life, chase girls, skate, smoke, hang with my friends, and make music. I hope the song connects with anyone who just wants to forget all their problems and live life without all the bullshit. Just rather be 'Dumb.'"

Oliveri's music is inspired by some of the biggest names in alternative and grunge. He pays tribute to the likes of Chris Cornell and Soundgarden, Billy Corgan, and the Smashing Pumpkins, and even incorporates a bit of Kurt Cobain's quirky lyricism. Oliveri is truly a musical chameleon, and his songs are so effortlessly catchy they feel like your favorite pair of Vans.

"I was probably four years old when I first heard 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' around my parents’ house," Hunter recollected. "I never knew the name of the song but every time I heard it, I'd be like, shit, it's that song. It would give me this majestic feeling." Hunter has grown up surrounded by music - his parents met at Woodstock. No, not that one; they met at the '99 one with the documentary. But hey, this is one highlight, right?

Hunter got his kickstart when he bumped into the father of a local producer while getting coffee with his grandfather at age 14. "I've been so incredibly lucky, but I've manifested this, too," Oliveri says. "I've always known writing music would be my life. I just had to make it happen. It was hard to find kids around my city that played instruments and wanted to be in a band, but I've been writing songs every day in my bedroom since I was maybe 13 years old. It takes me to a different place."

"I want to bring people into my world through my music," he shares. "I want people to feel something when they listen to my music, and to relate to me, and for me to be a friend and an outlet for them."

Hunter Oliveri is a rising star in the music industry. He's got the talent, the passion, and the message to make a difference. Keep an eye out for this one; he's going places.


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