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Welcome to the genre melting pot that is the M3F Music Festival!

Updated: May 2

As one of Arizona's biggest festivals and staple events of the year, M3F (formerly McDowell Mountain Music Festival) stands as a classic and vibrant celebration of music, art, and culture. Get ready because this year's lineup has every genre you could wish for! The eclectic musical roster, ranging from indie to pop to rock, is a big standout in this show. With previous big names such as Odesza, Quinn XCII, Kid Cudi, The Roots, and Peach Pit, this year’s lineup is equally as impressive. A huge draw to the much-anticipated festival’s 20th year show is one of the biggest names in pop right now, Dominic Fike, who had an album, Sunburn, come out this past year. Other popular names gracing the stage include Dayglow, Hippo Campus, Elderbrook, and SG Lewis. At M3F 2024, festival-goers can experience the powerful sound of well-known and defined headliners while discovering up-and-coming artists that they’re bound to love. The inclusive atmosphere is what gives this festival the reputation of being a melting pot not only for musical genres but for demographics as well. Historically, this festival has drawn a crowd of 25-30,000 attendees, and this year’s celebration of two decades of festival magic will most likely break records. 

Since its small beginnings in 2004, the biggest draw, and what sets this festival apart, is its commitment to charity. M3F is a non-profit festival run entirely by volunteers that gives 100% of its proceeds to Arizona charities. The festival has pledged to give back year-round and has donated over 2 million dollars to local communities to date. M3F’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness has also set a precedent for other large-scale festivals and events. This in all allows attendees to not only enjoy a beautiful art form but be a part of a more significant force for change. 

Looking ahead at the set-up for this year’s two-day event, the festival’s three stages will offer a continual flow of great music from unique artists each day. On day one, you can expect artists such as Dominic Fike, Hippo Campus, Dayglow, Elderbrook, and Tommy Newport. Day two showcases Lane 8, Duke Dumont, Bennett Coast, Bunt, and Gorgon City. Four types of tickets are available for M3F this year: a general admission pass for a single day or both days and a VIP package for one or two days. The general admissions pass allows access to all three stages and art experiences throughout the festival for roughly $145 before fees. The VIP package, $220 before fees, includes everything granted in the general pass as well as reserved line entrances into the festival, access to two VIP seating areas, upgraded culinary options, craft cocktails, and private air-conditioned bathrooms. I don’t know about you, but two VIP seating areas, craft cocktails, AND air-conditioned bathrooms sound like a fantastic deal for just $75 more. With both tickets there are upgrade options to get a hotel package–and trust me, with the popularity and demand for this festival, you’ll want a hotel close by for better chances of being first in line. 

With access to big A list artists as well as underground up-and-coming musicians, options to amazing package deals and knowledge that your money is supporting local nonprofits, this show is for sure one of the best valued festivals you can attend. M3F not only stands out as a massive celebration of music and art but also as an inspiring force of positivity and change for the local community and the planet. This year’s M3F is one you won’t want to miss. Use this link to purchase tickets! I hope to see you there!



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