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We Came As Romans Wraps Up Darkbloom II Tour with Final Stop in Nashville

November 19th 2023, We Came As Romans wrapped up their 30 stop Darkbloom II tour in Nashville. Joining WCAR on the tour was Archetypes Collide, Bodysnatcher, and Emmure.

Kicking off the night was Arizona based Archetypes Collide. As the lights dimmed you could feel the energy and anticipation from the crowd. The track begins to play and vocalist Kyle Pastor immediately connects with the crowd, encouraging them to get the floor moving. I always appreciate a good band/crowd moment, and the way that Archetypes Collide connected with the fans did not let me down.

Connect with Archetypes Collide: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter | Official Site

Archetypes Collide knew how to open a show. I can count one one hand how many times I've seen a band get the crowd going as much as they did. The kaleidoscope of colors, band cohesion, and constant energy from beginning to end perfectly set the stage for the upcoming Bodysnatcher.

Archetypes Collide is:

Kyle Pastor (vocals)

Brandon Baker (guitar)

Jared Knister (guitar)

Ky Sanders (bass)

Tyler Flamm (drums)

Florida based Bodysnatcher was next to take the stage after a quick changeover. I fully expected the crowd to get wild and it went beyond expectations. The walls of Brooklyn Bowl are still echoing with the energy released by frontman Kyle Medina. From the moment the first guttural scream pierced the air, Bodysnatcher asserted their dominance. The crowd erupted into a frenzy as the band kicked off their set with unbridled aggression. The pit immediately opened up and Medina started calling for crowd surfers.

Connect with Bodysnatcher: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter | Official Website

Bodysnatcher's stage presence is simply put, commanding. The seamless transitions between songs on the setlist created a continuous wave of aggression, maintaining a level of energy that never stopped. As the set was getting towards the end, Bodysnatcher unleashed the fan favorite "King of Rats" sending the crowd into a frenzy of moshing and crowd surfing. Bodysnatcher's live performance is not for the faint of heart. It's absolute chaos. Brilliant chaos.

Bodysnatcher is:

Kyle Medina (vocals)

Chris Whited (drums)

Kyle Shope (bass)

Kyle Carter (guitar)

Next up was Emmure. The atmosphere transformed into a battlefield as they took the stage. The audience was plunged into whirlpool of aggression and intensity from the opening riff to the last guttural. Emmure's presence on stage is nothing short of exhilarating. Frontman, Frankie Palmeri gazed into the sea of fans and wasted no time in igniting the crowd with a scream that let them know what they were in for.

Connect with Emmure: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter | Official Website

The pit became a swirling vortex of bodies that came to life with each breakdown, and the crowd's energy mirrored the energy that they were receiving from the stage. The stage production complemented the intensity of the music. Strobes, lighting, and bursts of fog punctuated the performance, creating a visual sight that enhanced the overall experience.

For fans of unrelenting aggression and sonic chaos, an Emmure concert is a must see.

We Came as Romans took the stage and delivered a performance that went above all expectations. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation. Every act before was the perfect buildup for this moment. We Came as Romans commanded the stage with a presence that immediately connected with the audience. The band's engagement with the crowd was evident from the beginning. Frontman Dave Stephens' interaction with the crowd was heartfelt and made a genuine connection that went beyond the music.

Connect with WCAR: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter | Official Website

The stage production complemented the depth of the performance. Evocative lighting, subtle visuals, and a backdrop that shifted with the mood of the music added another layer to the overall experience. They played some of their older songs, like “Lost In The Moment” and “Learning To Survive,” which happen to be two of my favorites, as well as a plethora of songs off their album Darkbloom. At one point the WCAR crew got on stages and jokingly went on strike. Dave's parents were seen in the pit and crowdsurfing, as well as Dave walking on the crowd and crowdsurfing. They ended the night with the crowd favorite "To Plant A Seed" and "Black Hole" which garnered a warm reception. We Came as Romans concert an experience that transcends the typical live show. Go buy the tickets and see these guys anytime you can.

We Came As Romans is:

Dave Stephens (vocals)

Joshua Moore (guitar)

Lou Cotton (guitar)

Andy Glass (bass)

David Puckett (drums)


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