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Waste A Week Beneath the Sun on Andrew McMahon's Holiday From Real Cruise

Singer, songwriter, pianist, composer, philanthropist - Andrew McMahon has lead a lucrative career for the majority of his life, finding success in every corner he explores. From the early-2000's pop-punk sensation Something Corporate, to alt rock band Jack's Mannequin, to indie pop project Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, the man has proved himself to be a master of many, and amassed himself a devout following of fans. However, his career doesn't end at just music; a cancer survivor, he's also the founder of the Dear Jack Foundation, as well as found himself on writing credits for numerous other artists and TV shows Smash and Soundtrack, penned the memoir Three Pianos, and spoken as the keynote speaker at his old high school. And soon, he'll be able to add "cruise host" to his resume.

McMahon has earned a reputation for his incredible kindness and generosity, evident in his nonprofit work with Dear Jack as well as his penchant for spending much of his time meeting fans before and after shows, signing just about anything, and his interactive style of performance. In doing so, he's developed a sense of trust and friendship amongst his circle of fans, who have consistently rallied around McMahon and his foundation year after year. Founded in 2006 after his own successful treatment for Leukemia, Dear Jack has since raised funds to provide psychosocial support to young adult cancer survivors aged 15-39, as well as their families and significant others. Young adulthood is a whirlwind of a time even without navigating a cancer diagnosis, and the foundation aims to ease those stresses and provide a community for an often forgotten demographic. One of their major annual fundraisers is a fan-focused fundraising challenge, which has steadily increased from a $72,000 goal to $250,000. The challenge culminates with the annual Dear Jack Foundation Benefit Concert on November 11th - a nod to the Something Corporate track "Konstantine" - and generally changes locations. The benefit is something of a pilgrimage for McMahon's fans, and has found its home in cities across the country including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Denver, and Austin - but 2024's benefit is shaping up to be something extra special.

Having finally found a way to marry the various iterations of his career, as well as create a space for his devoted following, McMahon will embark on the Holiday From Real cruise from Miami to the Bahamas on November 9-13 of this year. Something of a floating music festival, the cruise will feature performances from all three of his projects, as well as a full lineup of other supporting artists. As a musician with a career across so many genres, the carefully curated schedule truly has something for everyone; whether you're most excited to relive your emo years with The Academy Is... or Cartel, or you're more into the singer-songwriter stylings of Augustana or Ruston Kelly, the four days at sea is sure to thrill any fan of any of McMahon's career paths. Also featured on the lineup is Misterwives, collaborators and old tour mates Jukebox the Ghost, recent support acts Wildermiss, one-man-band Hunter DeBlanc, and the individual projects of several of McMahon's band members - Zac Clark, Bob Oxblood, and Bikelock.

And, of course, at the center of it all is the Dear Jack Foundation. Exclusive events on board will directly benefit the foundation, and will truly be the ultimate gathering for those who have supported McMahon's career for any amount of time. To know the man is to know his cause, and seeing so many of his fans pick up the torch for such a deeply needed and under funded cause has, in McMahon's own words, been one of the most rewarding experiences of his decades-long career. While the cruise is sold out, you can get on the waiting list to hopefully score a spot on the boat and experience what is sure to be an unforgettable, long weekend full of music, laughter, and charity; or, if you're already booked, get yourself pumped with the Official Spotify Playlist. Don't forget to also check out the Dear Jack Foundation and their very special mission, and see how you can get involved.

Holiday From Real Andrew McMahon

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