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Walker Hayes and Kylie Morgan take over The Mill

On 5/31/2024 Walker Hayes and Kylie Morgan performed live in Terre Haute, Indiana at a amphitheater known as “The Mill” Walker was playing a nearly sold out show.

Walker Hayes

As the gates opened the crowd took their places and engaged in grabbing their drinks for the night. Special guests U.S. Navy Blue Angels were in attendance. Walker and Kylie were welcomed to the stage like never before. A air show was performed just above the venue. A smiley face was drawn in the sky and more as Kylie took to the stage.

Kylie performed her song "Sugar Daddy" and an amazing rendition of Gwen Stefani’s hit "Hollaback Girl." Kylie proceeded to perform her originals such as "Bridesmaids" and "If He Wanted to He Would." Kylie gave an energy within her performance that left the crowd full of excitement and wanting more. After Kylie exited  the stage she met with the special guests in attendance.

With an hour intermission between Kylie and Walkers set The Mill hosted an air show! Blue angels jumped from a plane with an interdiction as the host took to the stage telling the facts about each. As Walker Hayes prepared to take the stage three planes flew over the Mill.

Walker walked out and the crowd cheered and raved.  As the show began, Walker presented his discography with a contagious energy that radiated into the audience. Throughout the show Walker threw guitar picks into the crowd along with T-shirts. Walker interacted with his back up dancers.

walker hayes

Walker slowed down the show half way through to talk about his battle with addiction to alcohol and how he overcame that battle. Walker began to speak about his friend Craig and sang a song he wrote to thank his friend that ultimately changed his and his family’s life after giving them a vehicle in a hard time. Walker encouraged his fans to think about someone in their life who may have been “their Craig.”  Walker played a beautiful tribute to his friend singing a song he wrote titled “Craig.” After this song Walker stood up from his keyboard.

Walker Hayes

Walker went center stage, and invited his daughters to join him. Walker spoke about his girls growing up, and how he wishes they could stay little forever. He told the crowd that even when his girls turn 18-years-old they are still welcome to live at home. Walker and his girls sang “If Father Time Had a Daughter.” The crowd stood still and was in a respectful silence as the song went.

Walker Hayes

Walker soon turned things up a notch, and started to sing some of the songs his fans had been waiting to hear. His most popular hits echoed in the venue as voices collided, including the tracks “U Girl” and “You Broke Up With Me.” Walker also sang in a clash up with one of his back up dancers. Walker stopped the show as he noticed a fan sign in the crowd. Walker said, “hang on I have to sign this.” The fan handed Walker their sign and a marker. Walker poked fun at the marker brand and said, “I haven’t seen anything like this, it is fancy… like.” The crowd laughed and cheered as they took the reference from Walkers song he had yet to sing, “Fancy Like.”

walker hayes

Shortly after Walker autographed the fan sign, he performed a few more songs before the night ended.  Overall, Walker puts on an amazing performance and attending his show is a must if given the opportunity! You can see Walkers upcoming tour dates below, the link to his merchandise store, as well as link to purchase show tickets.


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