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Updated: Mar 18

September 22nd, 2023 - The New York City-based post-hardcore/R&B fusion quartet VRSTY, which consists of Joey Varela (vocals), Javy Dorrejo (bass), Chris Cody (drums), and Paul Gregory (guitar), have released their new song "The Way It Is" + a visualizer to accompany it. The song is straight off their new album Levitate which will be out October 27 via Spinefarm. Pre-order it here.

Watch the video here or click the thumbnail below. Stream the "The Way It Is" here.

The song is a whole package of emotions conveyed in both its lyrics and sound. It's message is loud and clear; if you want to save yourself and make changes in your life, then you have to do it yourself. You can't rely on others to do it for you. In the chorus of the song, the opening line "Save yourself that's just the Way It Is" followed by “I’m going through changes, tearing through the pages," is catchy, yet, at the same time, relates to the feeling of moving on from the past by finding yourself. Varela's vocal performance is what stands out the most for me. The R&B sound of his voice puts you in the mood so quickly and it feels as if he's talking straight to the listener. The one-of-a-kind vocals of Varela are also occasionally harmonized with post-hardcore-esque screams making the tune overall upbeat. While not a metalcore track instrumentally, 'The Way It Is' is a chill and melodic tune speaking of moving on from "the way it was before," by saving yourself. If you listen closely, you might even catch a Linkin Park reference.

"This is definitely the most chill song on the record, and one of the more emotional ones. 'The Way It Is' is simply a song about knowing that you must save yourself... because nobody else will." - Vocalist Joey Varela on "The Way It Is"

VRSTY (pronounced "Varsity") was founded by Joey Tyler Varela. A New York City-based Puerto Rican singer, Varela was inspired by a different variety of music ranging from R&B, pop, and Spanish music to post-hardcore and fused them all together to create the sound VRSTY is known for today. After releasing a few EPs over the years, the 2020 release of their debut album Welcome Home cemented the band's place in the industry.

Every aspect of VRSTY is driven by genuine authenticity and uncompromising passion. Levitate, the band's stunning sophomore set, is powered by spirited conviction and a commitment to follow their muse wherever it leads. This album is filled with melodic hooks and headbang-inducing grooves.

No one takes leadership of the crowd like VRSTY does. They've created a safe space for anyone who feels like they don't belong and have made connections to people who struggle with self-loathing, have gone through bad relationships/friendships, or just don't feel like they're worth it. It's noticeable every time they've performed, the band goes above and beyond to make a safe space. VRSTY has toured with the likes of 10 Years, Nonpoint, Secrets, For The Fallen Dreams, and many other notable acts. Ultimately, VRSTY aims to encourage, provoke, and inspire listeners.

VRSTY is currently on tour with Monuments and For The Fallen Dreams. Check the dates below.


"Back to Back"

"No Chill"

"Black & Blue"

"Wide Awake"


"The Way It Is"


"Kill The Rich"

"Glad You Came"


"Can You Love Me"

"The Feeling"




9/26 — Spokane, WA — Big Dipper (Only For The Fallen Dreams)

9/27 — Seattle, WA — Substation

9/28 — Portland, OR — Dante's

9/29 — Sacramento, CA — Old Ironworks

9/30 — Santa Ana, CA — Constellation Room

10/1 — Phoenix, AZ — Nile Underground

10/3 — Austin, TX — Come and Take It Live

10/4 — Houston, TX — Scout Bar

10/5 — Dallas, TX — Trees

10/6 — Springfield, MO — The Riff

10/7 — Chicago, IL — Reggie's

10/8 — Detroit, MI — Sanctuary

10/10 — Lakewood, OH — The Foundry

10/11 — Albany, NY — Empire Underground

10/12 — Clifton, NJ — Dingbatz

10/13 — Rochester, NY — Montage Music Hall

10/14 — Manchester, NH — Angel City Music Hall

10/15 — Brooklyn, NY — Meadows



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