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Vicious Rain Drop Video For "Crown Of Thorns" - Out Now!

Updated: 5 days ago

Switzerland's Vicious Rain has significantly impacted the music scene with their third single, "Crown of Thorns." The band is comprised of five talented members, including David Häusermann on vocals, Mauro Gugerli on guitar and vocals, Tristan Meier on guitar, Loris De Notaristefano on bass, and Michael Teufelberger on drums. They came together in late 2022 to create a unique sound that blends metalcore with alternative music, and their latest single is a testament to their creativity and passion.

"'Crown of Thorns' echoes the notion that evading one's challenges can lead to greater troubles, ultimately exacerbating the situation. Yet, it also sparks an awakening to face the uncertainties, initiating a path towards healing and self-exploration," shared Gugerli.

"'Crown of Thorns' is an introspective anthem. It channels the raw frustration of grappling with personal stagnation and the difficulty of changing for the better. It's a poignant reflection on the challenge of holding onto memories of better times while recognizing that toxic patterns can affect one's own mental well-being," added Häusermann.

Vicious Rain's members bring several years of professional recording and live show experience to the mix. They have successfully combined intertwined singing and screaming vocals with hope-infused singalongs, screaming melodic leads, and crushing breakdowns. The band's sound embraces the heavy side of the genre all the way to the more intimate and melodic side, making their music a perfect blend of hard-hitting and melodic tunes.

The band's spirit is marked by their shared belief in the importance of solidarity and the role of the individual accomplishment of a shared vision. They believe in self-reflection and the importance of growth, which is significant in their music. The band's lyrics are honest and straightforward, touching on personal matters that they believe are essential for growth and personal-awareness.

The members of Vicious Rain have created a unique sound entirely their own. They combine influences from various genres to create a sound that is both heavy and melodic, with an emphasis on honest and relatable lyrics. The band's latest single, "Crown of Thorns," is a powerful song that showcases their talent and creativity. The song is a must-listen for anyone looking for fresh and exciting music. With their shared vision and unique sound, Vicious Rain is set to take the music world by storm.

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