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Vevo and Tate McRae Collaborate on Exclusive Short Film "Think Later"

Vevo, the premier music video network, has teamed up with pop sensation Tate McRae to release an exclusive short film titled "Think Later" as part of Vevo's performance series, Extended Play. This captivating short film features McRae's stunning performances of her tracks "Exes," "We're Not Alike," and "Hurt My Feelings," along with an insightful interview exploring various aspects of her artistry and personal journey.

McRae, known for her emotive vocals and introspective songwriting, expresses her gratitude for the collaboration, stating, "I am so honored to have collaborated with Vevo on this project. I've admired Vevo's unique ability to capture live performances so beautifully and artistically for a long time."

Vevo's Extended Play series offer viewers a deeper glimpse into the creative process of artists, showcasing multi-song performance captures shot in diverse locations that reflect the artist's vision. For McRae's performances, the creative team opted for a blend of 16mm film, and hi8, lending a vintage aesthetic to the visuals while embracing liminal spaces and film noir-inspired elements.

"Think Later" serves as a snapshot of McRae's artistry in the present moment, capturing her raw talent and magnetic stage presence. Through the interview segments, fans gain insight into McRae's journey, from her discovery of personal style to her approach to songwriting and her interpretation of "girl code."

Vevo, founded in 2009 by Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, has been a pioneering force in connecting global audiences with high-quality music video content. With a vast library of official music videos, live performances, and original programming, Vevo continues to elevate the music experience for fans worldwide.

As "Think Later" premieres, it underscores Vevo's commitment to showcasing the diverse talents of artists like Tate McRae and providing a platform for creative expression in the ever-evolving music landscape. Through innovative collaborations and visually captivating content, Vevo remains at the forefront of music discovery and storytelling.

"Think Later" is a testament to the power of collaboration and the boundless creativity of artists like Tate McRae, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of music and inspiration.




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