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Unearth and Revocation Unleashes Havoc in South Carolina In Co-Headlining Tour!

On October 9th, 2023- Unearth and Revocation performed at the Music Farm in South Carolina with support from High Command and Entheos on their North America Tour!

Starting the night with the most interesting entrance was High Command from Worcester, MA! Vocalist, Kevin Fitzgerald had no problem catching the crowds attention by carrying a medieval sword to the center of the stage!

This was my first show I've ever experienced thrash metal and let me tell you; the tempo of all the instruments and the vocalist had me thinking "How much caffeine did these guys drink before going on stage?" cause the energy they demonstrated on stage was something I've never seen! I got dark fantasy vibes from this band and I was not complaining at all

High Command released "Eclipse of The Dark Moons" in 2022 the most popular song being "Fortified by Bloodshed" with over 187,000 plays on Spotify! If the name of the song doesn't explain the type of music you're about to experience than you're in for a WILD show!

High Command is currently signed with "Southern Lord Records"

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The next band performing was Entheos from California with Chaney Crabb (Vocals) , Navene Koperweis (Drums/Guitar/Bass) , Brian James (Guitar), and Robert Brown (Guitar)

During August in 2021, Chaney suffered major injuries in an accident that caused permanent facial damage and during this time of recovering and healing, Chaney wondered if she will ever go back to being a vocalist due to the severity of her injuries. The album "Time Will Take Us All" released on March 3rd, 2023 which represents life and events that people may experience. Chaney is an advocate for those who experience mental illness due to experiencing the same emotions when healing after her accident and knowing just only darkness at the time. She was able to push through it and continue making music while still in recovery

She stated during her set, "You only live one life, so live it well" which means to enjoy being in the moment and realizing life may have hardships, but continue living it and not let anything consume you

She also stated that Robert Brown (Guitar) the night before had a bursted appendix which caused him to have immediate surgery the same night and that she wishes that he could be here, but once he recovers he will be back on the road again!

On his recent IG post he stated, "The Metal community is a powerful force. When someone is down we come to their aid. We all need to stick together through these times. This recovery hasn't been easy for me. Thank you to everyone who has reached out"

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The next band of the night was Boston based thrash/progressive/death metal Revocation that was formed back in 2006. The band consists of Dave Davidson (Vocals/Guitar) , Brett Bamberger (Vocals/Bass) , and Ash Pearson (Drums)

In the last 16 years, the band released 8 albums with "Netherheaven" being the newest album in 2022. This album is all about the nine circles of hell and trust me, this performance is something EVERYONE needs to experience

When I took this photo of Dave, he started to speak about Our Lord Savior Jesus Christ and states, "Lets take a moment and hail over our savior jesus christ....NAH LETS HAIL SATAN!"

"Has anyone ever used an Ouija board before?" Dave announced this before he started the last song and during the ending of the song, Satan was unleashed on the stage! What band do you know unleashes Satan and does a guitar solo with them? Yeah, no one. Only Revocation!

During their set, I noticed many different generations in the mosh pit area! And also seeing all genders in the pit was amazing! EVERYONE was respectful of each other and if someone went down countless hands helped that person up!

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Unearth came onto the stage and hell broke loose! Literally within 10 minutes of their set, a fight broke out in the mosh pit and there was so much hostility and aggression, but that's what you get when you go to a heavy metal concert. When the fight was done, vocalist Trevor Phipps stated, "Its okay to have a little beef, but remember we are all here for each other"

Unearth formed in 1998 explaining the main reason they wanted to call the band "Unearth" its because they wanted to unearth a different type of sound during that time. Over the last 25 years, the band released 8 albums with "The Wretched; The Ruinous" being the newest album released on May 5, 2023. The bands most played song on Spotify is "My Will Be Done" with over 8 million plays from the album "The March" in 2008

Here are some recent reviews of the newest album!

  • "The Wretched; The Ruinous is a reminder of how exciting metalcore can be when executed with passion and integrity, and that’s welcome in 2023" - Kerrang!

  • 'With this release, Unearth continue to be a force to reckoned with. It’s without a doubt that the time they take between releases is to ensure that the quality of their records remains high and unchallengeable in a landscape where continuous releases is preferred to remain relevant' - Sputnik Music

  • "Their first album since 2018 hits all the right notes and feels. The songs are all tightly crafty and played superbly. Unearth sound as strong as ever. The Metal Gods are smiling in approval" - New Noise Magazine

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