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Twin Temple explores the dark side of rock 'n' roll at their stop in Dallas on their "God is Dead Tour"

Just an hour before the opener, Vowws take the stage to kick off the Dallas show of the Twin Temple “God is Dead” tour, cars begin to fill the parking lot of The Echo Lounge and Music Hall, as well as the neighboring parking lot of the Mavericks Training Center squeezing in just enough to eagerly join the lines outside the venue, huddling closely on the cold Dallas night in hopes of being up close and personal with their favorite non-conforming Satanic Doo-Wop duo. Once the doors open they enthusiastically file into the building relishing in the warmth as they rush to the merch table to find something to commemorate the night before the show begins.

twin temple

Alexandra and Zachary James, the Los Angeles duo behind Twin Temple, started their band as a way to combine two things they love: the Golden Era of Rock 'n' Roll and the study of the Occult. The band takes pride in being as authentic as possible to the old 60s-style rock while keeping their records limited being very careful not to overproduce, and also recording live to tape keeping the vintage and harmonic sound found in many popular artists from the era. They explain on their website “To us, there is a connection between Satanism and rock ‘n’ roll - They’re both very much defined by transgression, rejection of societal norms and fierce sense of individualism and outsider culture.” The duo does a phenomenal job of standing true to the individualistic nature of the genre with their melodic jazz ballads while still being able to stand in the rock ‘n’ roll scene, they are a wonderful mix of upbeat songs along with smooth cozy jazz.

The dynamic duo began their show with a pre-show ritual that involved unsheathing two swords, setting the tone of the night. The ritual continued as lead guitarist, Zachary James, blessed the fans closest to him by splashing drops of water with confidence, while Alexandra spoke assertively about the Christian protestors outside, who were trying to disrupt the fun. Once the ritual was completed, they launched the night with their exhilarating song "Sex Magick," captivating the audience from the very beginning. Throughout the night, stunning lighting illuminated the duo, changing along with the moods of the songs, and perfectly encapsulating the show.

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