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Trippie Redd Out Smokes Manhattan's Terminal 5

The arena fills with smoke as the fans jump around anxiously awaiting the artist who coined the phrase A Love Letter To You. The bass escalates as Trippie Redd saunters out, green hair glowing and a blunt burning in hand; staying true to the persona fans have grown to adore. Terminal 5 was shaking and it wasn't purely from the bass. Fans swarmed Terminal 5 early in the day to await the moment they would welcome Trippie on stage in New York City. In return, Trippie Redd put on a show that’ll go down as one of the wildest in Terminal 5 history.

The show kicked off with rapper and DJ Flash Gotti. I don’t believe many had heard of the artist prior to the event but Flash Gottii made sure everyone was well acquainted with him by the end of the set. He played a playlist of songs the entire venue recited by heart and screamed along too as well as with a few of his own hits. Flash Gottii surely projected his adrenaline into the crowd, making them pumped for Trippie Redd. One of the best moments of his set was when he got into the crowd and serenaded those lucky enough to score barricade at the sold-out show. Fans radiated their love for the artist by bringing non-stop energy from the opening to the closing song. Make sure to stream Flash Gotti's song with Trippie Redd; Paper Chase.

The next to take the smokey stage was female RnB singer Kodie Shane. Kodie Shane had made an appearance before on an older A Love Letter to You track of Trippie's and knew just how to cater to his crowds. From jumping around all over the stage to giving the fans flowers at the end of her set, Kodi Shane definitely became New York City’s muse. The artist had an astounding stage presence. But it wasn't only her that made her show memorable, the drummer on stage with her was otherworldly killing every song with fast tempos and intertwined drum rolls. Take a list to her single 'NO RAP KAP' which is also featuring the main artist of the night.

Look Alive artist Blocboy JB was next to entertain the crowd that had grown to fill the venue from the barricade to the back walls and even across the balconies. His set was lively, further installing more impatience in the fans but he did an outstanding job keeping all eyes on him. Blocboy JB provided the crowd with songs they forgot they knew all the words to while engrossing the entire stage throughout his performance keeping the fans invested in his charismatic stage presence.

The time had finally come, the bass dropped to a heavier tone as the fans wailed over it for Trippie Redd to make his first appearance on stage. Finally, the Soundcloud Rapper waltzed out into Midtown West causing the crowd to go ballistic as a greeting. The intense bass was felt throughout your entire body, the music vibrated through the souls of Terminal 5 during Trippie Redd’s performance. The artist was practically drowned out with fans belting out the lyrics of the Love Me More artist from start to finish. Not only was Trippie’s show energetic and engaging but I was pleasantly surprised by the band that accompanied the rapper. We are so used to seeing rappers step out on stage alone with the support of tracks on a computer, however seeing one perform with a full band made the music that much more pronounced in the open spaces. Every instrumentalist, from the guitarist to the drummer, was absolutely phenomenal and far more advanced than what could have been produced from a computer program. The guitarist was able to take rap songs and give them a fuller sound with integrated solos on both acoustic and electric guitars. Song after song, the guitarist wowed us with intricate riffs. On top of the tight guitarist shredding strings, the drummer was another key member of the band who further enhanced the performance as a whole. The drummer was smashing on the instrument every single song, never once skipping out on a beat. This was easily one of the best drummers I have seen in a live performance, especially one of a rapper. All of this goes to show the appreciation Trippie Redd has for the music. So many rappers have let the era of computer production alter a stage performance, but Trippie Redd took the time to not only curate a one-of-a-kind stage set-up but also bring along talented artists who amplified the music and further spotlighted his own sophisticated musicianship. Trippie Redd has a complexity to his vocality that is near impossible to mimic which has made him a household name in the industry. The live rendition of vocals sounded just as raunchy and raw as his recorded tapes are, even after smoking back-to-back blunts with fans song after song. Trippie Redd has already secured a forever spot in the music industry, but his performance at Terminal 5 earned him a forever spot on our list of favorite live performances. The show is one you won’t want to miss out on!

Trippie Redd has written a love letter to us four times now and we hope he never stops. His most recent release, A Love Letter To You 4, dropped on all streaming platforms just a few months ago and the SoundCloud famed rapper has been promoting the studio album on stages across the United States with numerous sold-out shows. The performance is worth every penny of the second-hand ticket prices and we can’t wait to see what’s next to come from Trippie Redd. To keep up with the artist and be the first to know about updates, follow the links below!

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