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Travis Scott, two shows away from ending the second leg of his Circus Maximus tour, puts on a euphoric show in Miami!

Electrifying per usual he opens up the show with Thank God, from his Utopia album, which is nominated for a Grammy this year. The vibes were brought when he started playing some throwbacks such as SDP interlude and Nightcrawler, out of nowhere Swae Lee who's featured in Nightcrawler pops out and blows the roof off the Kaseya Center! They keep the momentum going and keep playing off each other, he later comes back out to rage some more! Speaking of raging Trav performed FEIN 7 times, is pretty mind blowing how his fans can get so hyped for one song so many times. Rightfully so, it bangs every fiber in one’s body and makes you want to jump into the mosh pits and go to war. Telekenisis was the last song performed and it was an amazing send off. Euphoria is literally in the air. Travis really brought it, it being Utopia…seems perfect to me.


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