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The Snow Waltz Comes to El Paso with Lindsey Stirling Holding The Dance Card

In 2010, America Got Talent told Lindsey Stirling during Season 5 quarter finals, was told as great and electrifying she was she would never make it as a solo violin artist. Since her self-titled first album was released in 2012, she has released six studio albums, two extended plays, one video album, eighteen singles, and 87 music videos. By 2020 she had 3 billion views on her YouTube channel and an award-winning violinist, dancer, and songwriter. Not too shabby for someone not supposed to of made it in the music business. On YouTube she has found how to connect to fans and how to stay true to herself. She brings that intensity and confidence to the stage.

Lindsey has collaborated with many artists like Pentatonix, Amy Lee, John Legend, Lizzy Hale. In Late 2010 she was contacted by cinematographer Devin Graham contacted in hopes of collaborating on a YouTube video. Her first video on YouTube in 2011, "Spontaneous Me", cementing her presents on the Video streaming service. December 2012, YouTube announced that Stirling's song, "Crystallize", was the No. 8 most viewed video of 2012 with over 42 million views. Snow Waltz is her latest album released in 2022. This year was the second time she went on tour with this selection of music and is continuing to draw huge crowds of fans to the venue's doors.

She is as personable on stage as she is in her videos, bringing electrifying energy from the moment the lights came up giving an action-packed performance to her audience. Lindsey and her dancers came out on stage in retro 50’s and 60’s outfits performing “Sleigh Ride” then she introduced to the stage Eric Jackson dressed as a Christmas tree, throughout the evening he provided the comic relief from holding Lindsey violins, to attempting to swing on the ariel rings to being escorted off the stage by security. Lindsey didn’t stay on the ground the whole time, from aerial dancing while playing the violin, to aerial ring performance showing off her aerial skills. From Christmas songs to Grinch and a few instrumental favorites in-between, the audience was standing at the last song.

Lindsey is a very humbled artist that thrives off the energy that comes from the audience. Her ability to rise above all her obstacles is inspiring and you can see she is in her element while on stage, be it playing the violin, dancing or her ariel performance. Interesting fact she owns 11 violins, each having their own name and reason for her owning them. The night of this concert she played three of them, Excalibur, Arowen, Pickles. If you are in front of her tour dates which are coming to an end soon, go to her show, you will be inspired, warmed and entertained. Snow Waltz is a show to see so look forward to her coming to your city this December.

Lindsey Stirling @Abraham Chavez Theater- photo pit

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