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The Smashing Pumpkins "Just May-be" Celebrating their 30th Anniversary of Siamese Dream This Year

Updated: Mar 7

The iconic alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins, is teaming up with Tower Records to recreate their groundbreaking album release event for 1993's Siamese Dream. The event marks the band's 30th anniversary and will be held at a unique and exclusive Tower Records pop-up in Madame Zuzu's in vibrant Highland Park, Illinois.

Billy Corgan co-founded Madame Zuzu's alongside Chloé Mendel in 2012. What started as a plant-based tea shop quickly blossomed into an immersive music venue and art space. The shop offers a wide selection of delicious teas, limited edition vinyl releases, and a plethora of exciting events suitable for all age groups.

For ardent fans of the band, this is an incredible opportunity to relive the original release event that took place at a Tower Records store in Chicago in 1993. The event will feature a limited edition vinyl release of Siamese Dream and other exclusive merchandise that cannot be found anywhere else.

Siamese Dream is a critically acclaimed album widely recognized as one of the most groundbreaking and influential albums of the alternative rock era. With hit tracks such as "Today" and "Cherub Rock," this album has captured the hearts of many and is still celebrated to this day.

Fans eagerly anticipating the band's 30th anniversary celebration can expect the Tower Records pop-up event at Madame Zuzu's to be a massive success. The celebration is set for September 14-17th. The band will play two acoustic sets on September 17th, featuring the same set list played on July 27, 1993.

The band is coming off their North American tour, "The World Is A Vampire," which finished in Noblesville, Indiana, on September 9th. The group toured with Interpol and Rival Sons.

Fans of the group fear not - the band has announced that more anniversary celebrations and news are coming!

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