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Updated: Mar 21

The Seafloor Cinema just announced the release of their new, self titled LP, out December 1st. The band just released on of the first singles off the new album titled, "Geese Attack."

"Geese Attack!!! is a high -energy, hard hitting math punk anthem. That makes you want to shake your butt but also makes you take a look at yourself in the mirror and wonder if you are telling yourself the truth about your own feelings" -Seafloor Cinema

“Our only real goal for this record was to make something that truly encompassed us as songwriters and as people. On our last album, we tried to bring out the pop side of our band a little bit more, and we definitely succeeded at that. This time, we wanted to see how far down each road we could take it: as poppy as possible, yeah, but also as heavy and technical and eccentric as possible.” -Justin Murry (Vocals)

"This record really feels like “us”. It's as crazy, technical, pretty, soft, and heavy as we wanted it to be. We left the studio with Beau Burchell (Saosin) feeling like we really captured a record that described us as musicians, as people, and as friends. Beau Burchell really helped guide us in a direction that helped us capture the sounds in our head. He made sure our personalities were seen and heard within the music he captured." -Seafloor Cinema

In their 7 years together, the band have tried just about anything. They've blended EDM with Midwest Emo, hypnotic math-rock, pop choruses, and a cheerful sound that perfectly captivates the spirit of modern playlist generation.

With an elastic hook and kinetic prog-rock urgency, the first single "If This Were A Film," described by Lawrenson as "a throwback song that also sounds nothing like that's come before it," explodes, and "The Lesson (.44 Magnum)," featuring vocalist Aaron Pauley of Of Mice & Men, crescendos with new wave synths and skittering electronics before veering into a harsh hardcore breakdown. It's the sound of a race act that can pull off anything with ease, able to combine the clever musicality of Coheed and Cambria's "A Favor House Atlantic" and the visceral emotion of Taking Back Sunday's "Cute Without The 'E'" (two songs they perfected while on the Emo Night tour) to create an ultra-sleek, hyper-modern sound that will push the boundaries of music.

Seafloor Cinema is comprised of lead vocalist Justin Murry, guitarist Seth Lawrenson and percussionist Timothy Aldama. Formed in 2016 in Sacramento, California, the band now has close to 50k monthly listeners on Spotify.



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