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THE SEAFLOOR CINEMA Releases New Self-Titled Album And New Single

Updated: Apr 17

The Seafloor Cinema has released theor new self-titled album The Seafloor Cinema via Pure Noise Records. You can find the ablum and listen to it in full here. In celebration of the release of their new album, the band also released their new single "Dolly Parton Vs The Governement"

Our only real goal for this record was to make something that truly encompassed us as songwriters and as people,” vocalist Justin Murry says. “On our last album, we tried to bring out the pop side of our band a little bit more, and we definitely succeeded at that. This time, we wanted to see how far down each road we could take it: as poppy as possible, yeah, but also as heavy and technical and eccentric as possible.

On the new album, the band said "This record really feels like “us”. It's as crazy, technical, pretty, soft, and heavy as we wanted it to be. We left the studio with Beau Burchell (Saosin) feeling like we really captured a record that described us as musicians, as people, and as friends. Beau Burchell really helped guide us in a direction that helped us capture the sounds in our head. He made sure our personalities were seen and heard within the music he captured."

The Seafloor Cinema are also heading out with Craig Owens in support of his upcoming US tour in December. You can find dates below and tickets below.

6 December 2023 - Mohawk Place Buffalo, NY

7 December 2023 - The Meadows Kingsland, NY

8 December 2023 - House of Independents Asbury Park, NJ

9 December 2023 - Webster Underground HartFord, CT

11 December 2023 - Underground Arts Philadelphia, PA

12 December 2023 - The Loving Touch Ferndale, MI

13 December 2023 - Bottom Lounge Chicago, IL

14 December 2023 - X-Ray Arcade Cudahy, WI

15 December 2023 - Fine Line Minneapolis, MN

17 December 2023 - Old Rock House St Louis, MO

19 December 2023- Summit Music Hall, Denver CO

20 December 2023- Kilby Court Salt Lake City UT

21 December 2023- Soul Belly BBQ, Las Vegas NV

Tickets can be purchased here



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