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The Record Company: Turn. It. Up.

The Record Company came out absolutely roaring to a packed house at the legendary Joe's On Weed St. in Chicago (10-29-23). This exclusive, invite-only set was in celebration of the heritage rock radio station, WXRT's, Pop-Up Concert performance series, where listeners have a chance to see big bands in an intimate venue.

My ears may still be ringing and my heart is still on fire after this soul-smashing set.

Lead guitar and vocalist, Chris Vos's, gravelly voice sands down the sharp edges of his powerful blues riffs, while bassist, Alex Stiff drives the groove right into your chest. Drummer Marc Cazorla may remind you of a young John Bonham - sitting on the back end of that beat that transports you mentally to the driver seat of an old muscle car, cruising down a lonely road.

"The 4th Album" is out on vinyl, CD and digitally now. The Record Company continues their national and Canadian tour through the spring, returning to Chicago's Park West in February.

If they're not on your radar - they're about to be. Raw. Authentic. Blues. Rock. Get it.



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