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The queens of metal are back. Kittie releases new music for the first time in 13 years


This Valentine’s Day, metal fans have received a very special gift. Kittie has made their return for the first time in 13 years with the release of their latest single “Eyes Wide Open” as well as dropping a new music video. The new single breaks barriers and defies expectations.

Sometimes, incredible opportunities present themselves in surprising ways. Just a few years ago we could have never imagined we would be getting ready to release new music as Kittie. We’ve been given what feels like a second life and are grateful to Ash and the Sumerian family for believing in us. Our first new material in 13 years, 'Eyes Wide Open' is a vision quest for truth. It is a torch lit in the darkness of ignorance to reveal one’s true motives. 'Eyes Wide Open' is a lesson in trust, betrayal, and ultimately the ability to see behind the curtain to reveal all. It was one of the first songs we wrote, coming together again after a long time away from creating, and I think you can really hear the fires reigniting in this track." Says Kitties vocalist and co-founder Morgan Lander.

Along with the release of “Eyes Wide Open”, Kittie has also announced that they have officially signed a contract with Sumerian Records.

“Kittie are true female pioneers in heavy music that helped bring it into pop culture. They have been both influential in the studio and on the road, as I’ve had the privilege of working with them on touring years ago when they brought out Bring Me The Horizon, In This Moment and many other present day heavyweights as brand new opening acts. The ladies have now returned with what I believe is their greatest album since their debut that set the world ablaze. The attitude, grit and songwriting is all there and I am honored to once again be helping them unleash their talent to the masses." Sumerian Records CEO Ash Avildsen states.


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