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The Phoenix Within Takes on Shaker's Pub, Oakdale With New Debut Single: "The Contender"

On Friday August 4th, 2023, The Phoenix Within performs at The Shakers Pub in Oakdale, New York to promote the new single "The Contender".

Omar Feliciano The Phoenix Within

The Phoenix Within is a rock band that is based in Queens, New York. Members of the band include frontman Omar Feliciano, Nicholas Narlis on bass, John Narlis on guitars and lastly we have Steven Khan on drums. Throughout their music career, they have been featured on the lineups of festivals such as Blueridge Rock Festival, Inkcarceration, and many more. The Phoenix Within was formed in 2012 but made its first official appearance to the public in early 2013.

Recently this band released a new debut single titled "The Contender" on July 17th, 2023. The music video was directed by Tom Flynn, who is known for directing music videos for bands such as Lamb of God, I Prevail, Fire From the Gods, and others. The gory, bloody makeup for the music video was put together by the talented Carolyn Tomecko.

The Phoenix Within The Contender 2023

As the earlier opening acts took place, it was finally time for 'The Phoenix Within' to perform.

While listening, my attention was drawn to the lyrics, where I uncovered the message about how people should not surrender to any obstacles that life gives them. The crowd was pretty excited to see this band perform, including myself. At the beginning of "The Contender", the bass introduction was fascinating. Considering I am a bass player myself, I love it when bands start their song with their bassist highlighted and playing some unique, catchy riff. The people in the pit all started to jump and bump into each other as the pre-breakdown started. Once Feliciano started doing his fry screams, it was game over. Everybody, including myself, started moshing along and it was overall a fantastic time. Although this was only a local show, the artists and crowd were so entertaining, never forget to support your local artists!

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