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The Last Dinner Party: Leaving Nothing on the Table

The only kind of dinner party I, personally, would ever like to attend again was served up this week as The Last Dinner Party slayed their final show of the U.S. tour.

The Bottom Lounge in Chicago was absolutely packed with rabid fans and curious listeners alike. Their first single, "Nothing Matters," has been on rotation on WXRT for weeks now, and serves as a killer appetizer for rock fans hungry for more.

Abigail Morris (vocals), Lizzie Mayland (vocals, guitar), Emily Roberts (lead guitar, mandolin, flute), Georgia Davies (bass), and Aurora Nishevci (keys, vocals) took the stage with a full glass of red wine in their hands, dressed for a formal affair, and then laid their table to waste - slaying their set.

We will likely never have the chance to dine with them in such an intimate venue again, as they are destined for a seat at the biggest of tables.

The Last Dinner Party drops their debut album, Prelude to Ecstasy this February on 2/2/24.

11.9.23 Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL



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