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The Home Team Releases New Confident Single "Brag"

The Home Team is excited to announce their most recent release of their brand new single "Brag" out on January 26, 2024 through Thriller Records. "Brag" presents itself as a follow up song to their most popular release "Loud".

I've went and observed The Home Team's YouTube channel where their upcoming "Brag" music video will be released this week to see what their fans had to say so far about the newest release. These fans are part of The Home Team's Patreon, so they were able to watch the "Brag" music video prior to the actual release date, which honestly is an amazing idea. Not only does it offer a personable and exclusive experience for paying fans, but it also allows those not paying to still interact in the comments on the soon to be uploaded YouTube Video and get a brief idea that this song is another banger from other listeners.

Here are some comments from those patrons:

  • "The Home Team cares about their music/videos/fans in a super rare way"

  • "Can't wait till this goes live, so I can share it with everyone I know!"

  • "Certified banger"

  • "Big slap as always, hot DAMN"

You can just tell by the comments so far from fans that they can feel the love and energy from the band through this track, that is why so many fans have nothing but nice things to say about the release and the band as a whole. I also feel like since the band mixes the pop and rock culture together, this song will capture the attention of a broader audience, especially in the wake of this video since its fun and silly at the same time. Brian Butcher is the definition of energetic and his smiling throughout the video, you can sense sarcasm, but also him being his genuine self at the same time. If you want to have a boost of serotonin, make sure you watch the video because the video is what will spark that increase in dopamine and make you fall in love with this song.

Brian Butcher stated about the newest release; "After countless songs written about doubting myself, I decided to finally write one about trusting myself. It has taken way too long to get to this point for me, since every time I ever felt like I wanted to believe in myself, it just felt like I was beginning to be arrogant. That’s the last thing I want to be. So instead, I decided to embrace the idea and write this facetious piece about what it’s like to be in the position that I’m in now with our music. By no means do I think our previous or current works are prolific enough to warrant that level of arrogance, but I did think it’d be fun to pretend! Hopefully the inherent sarcasm translates, since sprinkled throughout the song are little quips related to the ego that I feel like I see musicians carry with them all the time"

If you want to hear Brian live; He is currently filling in the vocals for Issues during their Farewell tour!

The Home Team Consists of:

  • Brian Butcher- Lead Vocals

  • John Baran- Guitar

  • Ryne Olson- Bass

  • Daniel Matson-Drums

You can keep up with The Home Team Online: Facebook / Instagram / Website / Youtube

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