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The Friday Five: Bring Me The Horizon, TOOPOOR, Green Day, Smallpools, New Years Day

Updated: Apr 24

End your week right with a brand new track to blast this weekend! Check out our favorite songs released this week and let us know what you're streaming below:


Bring Me The Horizon have been one of the leading names in the metal-core industry since circa 2004, making 2024 their 20th anniversary as an ensemble. Originating in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, the group currently consists of vocalist Oliver Sykes, guitarist Lee Malia, bassist Matt Kean, and drummer Matt Nicholls. The band has recently signed to RCA Records globally as well as Columbia Records exclusively in the United States. In 2023, the band made appearances on the tracks of renowned artists of this generation including Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Uzi Vert, and Glassjaw, to name a few. Longtime fans of the band had apprehensions about Bring Me The Horizon's new approach of adapting a more mainstream sound, however, "Kool Aid" comes in with a bang, proving to listeners that Bring Me The Horizon are still one of the leading metal-core bands of our time even after 20 years and an evolution of their approaches. To date, the band has received four Kerrang! Awards, including two for Best British Band and one for Best Live Band, as well as been awarded two nominations in the Grammy Awards.

In 2023, Bring Me The Horizon sought a massive expansion of their fanbase after shifting their style to incorporate more elements of electronica, pop, and hip hop into singles. In the last year alone, the band has teased countless new tracks and hinted at a new full-length set to drop in the later months of 2024. The bands next release, Post Human: Nex Gen, was initially due to hit streaming platforms last September, but was postponed due to "unforeseen circumstances," making this latest release highly-anticipated in the scene. "Kool Aid" begins a new era of Bring Me The Horizon and they're better than ever before!

"Kool Aid" welcomes fans back to the roots of Bring Me The Horizon, opening with a smashing guitar riff that accelerates up to a propulsive beat. When the vocals kick in, Oli Sykes remains melodically heavy, infusing screams and gutturals in with his sensational vocal capacities. It is said the band's musical redirection may have been influenced by the departure of keyboardist Jordan Fish, who's input immensely impacted the band's influences creatively. In the credits, the band accolades Oli Sykes as the vocalist, composer, and producer, Lee Malia as backing vocals, guitar, and composer, and Matthew Nicholls as another composer as well as drums, without the mention of Jordan Fish for the production, marking this as the first post-Jordan Fish single from the group. Although a new release date has yet to be announced for Post Human: Next Gen, "Kool Aid" suggests we are nearing an official release of the album and fans have voiced their excitement for the new track and upcoming album all over Twitter.


DIED FOR YOU - TOOPOOR , guccihighwaters

Layla Shapiro, famed as the internet phenomena TOOPOOR, grew up in Palm Springs, California where she was homeschooled. At a young age, Shapiro began to post fashion-related content on her Tumblr, showcasing designer pieces she stole from thrift stores. Shapiro gained a loyal following from her Tumblr posts before moving to Los Angeles with few funds. While financially struggling in Los Angeles, Layla Shapiro inked "TOO POOR" across her knees with a pencil and needle, later taking on the name as a moniker. TOOPOOR began her endeavors in the fashion industry, being inspired by Modern Technology to create simple pieces with intricate designs. In 2019, TOOPOOR broke out in the music industry with the release of her song "Crazy Girls," which went viral on TikTok years later and now sits with almost six million views on YouTube. Shapiro proceeded with releasing a handful of other tracks throughout 2019-2022, however, in 2023, fans really recognized TOOPOOR's dedication to music blossom. Nowadays, she has her own self-titled clothing line, TOOPOOR, and additionally owns Los Angeles-based boutique, RATSTAR, alongside author, Emma Rose.

Morgan Murphy, better known as his stage persona guccihighwaters, is an Ireland-born singer-songwriter who began his career producing beats for other artists under the name notmorgan. After gaining notoriety as a producer, guccihighwaters formed naturally as he began singing over music he'd been making. To Murphy, the name formed as simply a joke, but when his music immediately connected with people, it just stuck. Surfacing on Soundcloud, Murphy was grouped in with an era of "soundcloud rappers," however his use of organic piano with classical influences combined with his angelic singing sets him apart from other's in the scene's populated realm. All in all, Murphy is one of the best producers that stepped out the Soundcloud rap scene, his music experiments with all types of production techniques which constantly set him apart from other artists.

DIED FOR YOU is a ethereal alternative pop ballad that has gotten us in the mood for the snow-filled weekend looming upon New York with it's catchy melodies, electronic beats, and emotional lyrics. guccihighwaters has yet again delivered a transcending beat that enthralls a listener within the first few moments of the track, thus when blended with TOOPOOR's vulnerable, heartfelt lyrics every listener can find something to fall in love with in this production. Overall, TOOPOOR shines through in this song. Her sound quality has evolved tremendously over the last year and her style is becoming increasingly more recognizable, especially in features. We are always excited to hear more from guccihighwaters, but at the same time, we must accolade TOOPOOR for her growth in the industry throughout 2023 and we look forward to, hopefully, a debut full-length soon!




As the power trio of the punk rock scene, Green Day have sold over 75 million records worldwide, making them one of the best-selling music artists in the industry. Formed in the East Bay of California in 1987, the band consists of Billie Joe Armstrong as the vocalist, Mike Dint as the bassist, and Tré Cool as the drummer, which has been a consistent lineup since 1990. In November 2022, the band announced they had begun recording a new studio album which is set to release in early 2024, entitled Saviors. In preparation of the album, the band release the fourth single from the release today, "One Eyed Bastard." There is a lot to look forward to from Green Day in 2024, the band was featured on the New Year's Eve television program Dirk Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve to inform fans they're returning in full-force to please punk rockers around the world again. The band will be hosting free album listening events all across the world, including in Japan and Indonesia, along with a world tour this summer to celebrate 30 years of Dookie and 20 years of American Idiot - feel old yet?

"Look Ma, No Brains!" comes in with a punch, re-establishing the band's punk sensibilities and energetic style. This track reminds me of the Dookie and American Idiot eras of Green Day with its raw, raunchy ambiance. The song opens with the lines, "Don't know much about history, 'cause I never learned how to read," followed by "Dropout, I'm a knucklehead," instilling nostalgia in fans and I'm sure reminding all of us of high school and blasting Green Day down the halls, on the way to classes. The overall meaning of the song, "Look ma, I ain't got no brains," emphasizes a lack of conformity and embracing a sense of individuality which Green Day could be the poster band for with their signature looks and approaches. The track doesn't necessarily rely on complex guitar structures but instead hones in on delivering a blast of energy and vigor that will make any listener excited to hear more!


Smallpools, containing vocalist Sean Scanlon, guitarist Mike Kamerman, and drummer Beau Kuther, is an American indie pop project formed in Los Angeles circa 2013. All coming from different parts of the United States, each musician offers something unique to the group as a whole. The band released their debut single "Dreaming" in May of 2013 to notable critical acclaim such as reaching number 23 on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart. The song was further included on the FIFA 14 soundtrack and lead to the band's late night television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The band released their first full length album in 2015, Lovetap!, and followed up shortly after with singles teasing their second release. To date, the group has released two full length albums as well as two EPs which have all received massive accolades in the industry.

"Night Shift" is, simply put, one of those "feel-good" songs that anyone can find a connection to. The imaginative lyrics force you to glorify the mundane simplicities of life, such as working the night shift or feeling caught in an endless cycle. The song explores the idea of feeling caught in a familiar routine with lyrics such as "I exist too much so I try to hide, I'm in the uniform with the sad ghost eyes," and "all the roads feel empty on the valley side." In this way, the songwriting paints a stark image in the listeners mind, projecting experiences almost all of us have endured before and can thus visualize but also relate to. Musically, "Night Shift" is a vibrant blend of uplifting instrumentals and dance-ready beats, the overall indie pop sound is an instant ear worm with incredible energy and catchy musicality. Although it's still winter for a few more months here in New York, this song feels like a Spring/Summer hit!


New Years Day arose from Anaheim, California in 2005 after building a reputation almost solely through promotion on MySpace. The band released their debut self-titled EP in 2006 followed up by their first full-length album, My Dear, in 2007. The band went silent with releases for practically six years until eventually releasing their initial debut, Victim to Villain. Proceeding this album, the band released Malevolence which scored them their highest ranking at Number 45 on the Billboard 200. The band has become sensationalized for their usage of rock, metal-core, and alternative techniques in tracks which incorporate heavy guitar riffs, catchy melodies, and powerful vocals.

"I Still Believe" is no slack in the bands long-lasting, almost 20 year, career. What stands out the most in this release is the pounding beats and intricate drum patterns utilized. Trixx has only been the drummer of New Years Day since 2015, originally playing guitar, but he fits in seamlessly with their sound and is truly a lights out musician, specifically drummer. The drum fills in this song are outstanding, Trixx is constantly layering his beats to add more depth to the song and it really brings the bands overall sound together, making it more polished. The distorted guitars come in with a punch, being one of the most significant components of New Years Day's sound. Nikki Misery is heavily involved in the songwriting process and the bands overall musical style, his capability shines through in this track with catchy yet compelling riffs throughout the verses. All in all, this song confesses to the massive evolution New Years Day has undergone stylistically and musically over the last nineteen years. Ash Costello's voice continues to be one of the most powerful in this scene, the instrumentals compliment her vocals exquisitely while still showcasing the polished musicianship internally. We can't wait to see what more is to come in 2024!



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