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The Digital Sin: A Killer’s Confession’s New Single Takes on Social Media

The Digital Sin


In the pulsating world of melodic hard rock, a new anthem has emerged from the depths of a band’s soul, one that resonates with the heavy heartbeat of our digital age. A Killer’s Confession, the band that has been carving their name into the annals of metal with their industrial-laced tunes, has now been signed to the illustrious label MNRK HEAVY. With this new partnership, they have unveiled the video for their electrifying single, Greed.”

The track is a sonic exploration that weaves together a haunting keyboard loop with the commanding force of guitar stomp, creating a soundscape that demands to be featured on every Spotify playlist. Yet, it’s not just the sound that captivates; the song delves into the zeitgeist of our times, challenging listeners to break free from the hypnotic scroll of social media — a reminder that life’s essence isn’t found in the glow of a screen but in the world waiting outside our digital windows.

Waylon Reavis, the voice and visionary behind the band, reflects on the track’s message: “‘Greed’ is one of the seven deadly sins,” he declares. “I’m not talking to any victim. It’s more of a warning. Social media is all-encompassing. People get greedy and flex for attention. Other than the band, I try to stay off social media as much as I can. Everyone flaunts what they have, and followers or ‘friends’ base their lives on this rat race. Don’t let it get a hold of you. You can’t take any of these material things with you. Personally, I won’t let it be the death of me.”

This narrative is woven into the very fabric of A Killer’s Confession’s upcoming album, which promises to be a journey through the dark allure of true crime, set against a backdrop of their signature melodic hard rock infused with metal and industrial elements. The full details of this anticipated release are shrouded in mystery, soon to be revealed.

The band’s journey has been one of transformation and resurgence. After parting ways with Mushroomhead, Reavis found solace away from the limelight. Yet, the call of music was too potent to ignore, and in 2016, he emerged at the forefront of A Killer’s Confession. Since then, they’ve released three albums that have become cult classics: Unbroken in 2017, The Indifference of Good Men in 2019, and Remember in 2021. Their music has amassed millions of streams, and their collaborations have spanned the spectrum of rock royalty, including Brian “Head” Welch of Korn and Chad Gray of Mudvayne and HELLYEAH. The band’s lineup, featuring bassist JP Cross, guitarist James Skritch, and the dual drumming force of Will Spodnik and Kegan King, has left audiences in awe on tour.

In a moment of clarity in 2022, Reavis had an epiphany that would shape the band’s future. “I had never thought about following a concept like this before,” he mused. “However, I decided to focus, live up to the name, and be A Killer’s Confession.”


3/15 — Seattle, WA — Madame Lou's

3/16 — Portland, OR — Dante's

3/18 — Sacramento, CA — Goldfield Trading Post

3/20 — Reno, NV — Virginia Street Brewhouse

3/21 — Salt Lake City, UT — Leatherheads

3/23 — Grand Junction, CO — Mesa Theater

3/24 — Colorado Springs, CO — Black Sheep

3/25 — Denver, CO — Moon Room

3/27 — Dallas, TX — Sundown at Granada

3/28 — Oklahoma City, OK — 89th Street

3/29 — Kansas City, MO — Vivo Live

3/31 — Lakewood, IL — The Winchester

5/11 — Grantville, PA — Hollywood Casino*

5/15 — Milwaukee, WI — The Rave/Eagles Club*

5/18 — Mashantucket, CT — Foxwoods Resort Casino*

*With Mudvayne

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