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The Devil Wears Prada and LØLØ's unexpected collab creates sonic masterpiece

Updated: 3 days ago

The music scene has always been such a home for me. The way lyrics create stories and sometimes are just so relatable, it puts what I had experienced into a much better perspective than my own words could have. Feeling those bass drops and screaming along to lyrics as if they were my own. But, my other favorite part is when other artists collaborate and create more magic for me to listen to. 

This “newest” single that came out recently is no different. By newest I mean like back in May. But, when I first saw that The Devil Wears Prada (TDWP) and LØLØ dropped a new song, I thought, 'wow this is an interesting pair together.' Then, I listened to it. It was love at first listen for me. This track has been on REPEAT for me since its release.

the devil wears prada the rave/eagles club
The Rave/Eagles Club - Photographed by Carrie Bergan (TDWP1)

The track also features Wooli and Excision and while I’m not entirely familiar with them as artists, their parts make this song complete. From my understanding, Excision does a lot of music production and being familiar with their live performance, I can hear their part. Excision provides the experience and this song is definitely one that I want to experience live one day. From start to finish, this song is just a masterpiece to me. The strong vocals of TDWP with LØLØ’s melodic voice work so well together. I know that when I’ve told people about this track, they go, oh, I don’t feel like those two voices would work. Trust me, they do, they really do. 

Photographed by Carrie Bergan

My favorite part of the song is the transition of who’s singing lead. It flows so well, the blend of the two different voices and the way the backing track grows, but softens. It’s not even really describable in words for me, the way it feels and sounds is just such a “chef’s kiss” moment to me. 

If you haven’t listened to it, go do yourself a favor and put it on right now. I know LØLØ is on tour with JXDN and I believe that TDWP is prepping for an Australian tour. I haven’t stayed up to date with Wooli or Excision on their next whereabouts. But, if you want to check where they’re all going to be next, just check their socials. 

The Rave/Eagles Club - Photographed by Carrie Bergan (TDWP1)

All images of The Devil Wears Prada are courtesy of The Rave/Eagles Club, photographed by Carrie Bergan.

Link to full gallery of The Devil Wears Prada:

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