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The Damned Announce May + June USA Tour With The Return Of Rat Scabies!

the damned

The Damned announce a 10-date, USA tour for May and June 2024, bringing their '80s line-up back together with the return of Rat Scabies for the first time in America in 35 years!

This tour welcomes Rat Scabies back to the stage, who has rejoined the band for tours, festivals, and more in 2024. One of the original founding members, The Damned drummer Scabies puts it simply — ‘"Be careful what you wish for.’"

Revisiting the music from their '80s line-up, audiences can expect songs from Machine Gun Etiquette, The Black Album, and Strawberries, as well as The Damned fan-favorite tracks like "Neat Neat Neat," "‘New Rose," and more.

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the damned

46 years after releasing the groundbreaking debut, "Damned Damned Damned", The Damned return with "DARKADELIC", their twelfth studio album and their first one since 2018's Top Ten release "Evil Spirits". The album catches the band that launched punk and invented goth once again innovating and expanding upon their unique universe.

For me, the only criteria was to have this album driven by more pronounced guitars,” says Vanian. “The album took on its own identity compared to our last (2018’s Evil Spirits). Plus, wanting it to sound sonically inspiring when heard on iPad or phone, a slightly more modern sound, if you will, without effecting or compromising what we do.” Sensible notes that, “We always set out to do something a little bit different. We get bored doing the same thing over and over. The first rule of the Damned is there are no rules.” The direction, he adds, “Wasn’t a conscious decision or anything. We just came together with our own demos and certain tracks got chosen and it did take on a life of its own, as they all do, and that’s the album.”

darkadelic the damned


1. The Invisible Man

2. Bad Weather Girl

3. You’re Gonna Realise

4. Beware Of The Clown

5. Western Promise

6. Wake The Dead

7. Follow Me

8. Motorcycle Man

9. Girl I’ll Stop At Nothing

10. Leader Of The Gang

11. From Your Lips

12. Roderick

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