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The 짱 ARTMS Share New Music And More

The newest K-Pop girl group emerged from the shadows in 2023 with their debut single “The Carol 3.0“ on December 1 marking the start of an evolution. The group has since then released multiple singles leading up to the official announcement of their debut album “Dall” with the newest single titled “Air” and others like “Birth,” “Candy Crush,” and “ Flower Rhythm” giving a promising future that this album will be a K-Pop summer anthem of the year. Tracks such as "Birth" express the highs and lows of love and break up, while "Flower Rhythm" (my favorite so far) is a dynamic 80s pop-inspired song written about the anticipation of approaching a new crush. "Candy Crush" is an easy listening pop song that then picks up the narrative and expresses the moment one finds true love. "Air" is the fourth single off the group's forthcoming debut full-length album <Dall> (Devine All Love & Live), which lyrically and sonically draws on ARTMS' lunar inspired name.  Across 11 tracks, ARTMS incorporates various genres rather than sticking to one, allowing listeners to experience the diverse charms of the five members. Like the phases of the moon, ARTMS' <Dall> waxes and wanes between different genres to create an illuminating listening experience.



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