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Taylor Acorn Tackles NYC on Her First Headlining Tour

On November 14, 2023, Taylor Acorn brought her first ever US headlining tour to the Mercury Lounge in New York City for a sold-out evening. Special guests for the evening were People R Ugly.

Closing out the show was the once country artist turned rocker from Pennsylvania, Taylor Acorn. She opened her set with a fan-favorite song “Shapeshifting.” This anthem had the sold out crowd screaming the lyrics back from the first note that was played, and it continued throughout the remainder of the 15 song setlist. She then went straight into two more fan favorite songs: First the high energy “Wishing You Hell,” followed by the upbeat love song “I Think I’m In Love.”

Since she was fresh off the release of her “Certified Depressant” EP on September 22, Taylor played several songs from that release. She played a majority of the songs off the EP including the aforementioned “I Think I’m In Love,” in addition to new fan favorites “Good Enough,” “Famous Last Words,” and “Everything Sucks.” Although many of the songs off this release are less than 2 months old, you would have not been able to tell, as the crowd was loudly singing every single word. The remainder of the set was filled with many other favorites including “Psycho,” “In My Head,” and even her acoustic cover of “Jamie All Over” by Emo/Pop Punk legends Mayday Parade.

One of the highlights of the night was when Taylor played her then unreleased song titled “Basement.” Although the crowd did not know the song yet, you could still sense the excitement and how much they enjoyed the song. This even made me emotional, as the song covers a very emotional subject that many people can relate to. Another highlight of the night was when Taylor played one of her newest hits “Good Enough.” Before the show started, members of the Taylor Acorn Street Team handed out red pieces of paper to the crowd for them to shine their flashlights through during that song, this was kept a secret, as it was put together to surprise Taylor and her band. When the song started, the entire crowd shined their lights, creating a beautiful moment between them and the crowd, and you could tell they all appreciated the surprise.

Taylor was at the top of her game from the moment she stepped on stage until the moment she left stage. She showed off her incredible vocal range, and one might argue that she sounded just as good, if not better than the recordings. Taylor also brought an infectious energy to the stage, as she had a massive smile on her face, showing the crowd that she was truly thankful to be on that stage. In addition, Taylor made it a point to interact with the crowd throughout the set, as she was pointing the microphone to the crowd for them to sing, while also reaching out into the crowd and shaking fans’ hands.

Although the crowd came to see Taylor Acorn, I should give some props to her band. This featured guitarist Ricky Jab and drummer Connor Allen, both of whom brought their own unique energy to the stage. Ricky put his guitar prowess on full display, as he was shredding through several solos. He was all over the stage, and his infectious energy showed the crowd that he was truly enjoying every moment that he had on stage. Adding to the energy on stage was drummer Connor Allen. This was Allen’s first tour with Taylor, but based off the chemistry that he had with the other members on stage, you would’ve thought that he had been touring with her for years. He got the crowd going with his high energy fills, while even doing stick tosses and other tricks, which drew the admiration of the entire crowd.

Overall, it is safe to say that Taylor Acorn’s first US headlining tour was a massive success. This show was one filled with excitement, laughter, and even some tears, and it would leave emo and pop punk fans from all backgrounds happy. I would not be surprised to see Taylor selling out more tours around the world in the future.

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