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TAKE OFFENSE Announce New Album - Share Single/Video "Greetings From Below" - 'T.O.tality' on MNRK Heavy out May 10

Updated: May 6

Photo By Becky DiGiglio | Hi Res Version Here

TAKE OFFENSE Announce New Album T.O.tality Coming May 10 via MNRK Heavy

Release Lead Single / Video “Greetings From Below”

Live in LA at The Fonda Theatre on March 10

The band is influenced by other California bands such as EXCEL and Suicidal Tendencies, who also leaned heavily into skate aesthetics but worshipped Sunset Strip-and-adjacent guitar deities like Warren Di Martini and Eddie Van Halen. T.O.tality is a tribute to that scene and those times, with an armada of fourteen nitro-equipped tracks that breakthrough genre conventions and showcase fresh ideas. It's a love letter to local heroes with familiar approaches that are wholly and undoubtedly Take Offense.

The album's opening track and lead single, "Greetings From Below," touches on certain Mexican beliefs about our underworlds, according to vocalist Anthony Herrera. He explains that the underworlds are places we go to when we die, but also when we go to sleep, in our dreams and nightmares. Our underworlds also correlate to our waking state, and we usually experience them in the form of troubles or obstacles we face in our everyday lives.

Overall, T.O.tality is a love letter to the local heroes of Southern California's music scene and a testament to Take Offense's skill and dedication to their craft.

The recording process for Take Offense's latest album was similar to their previous recordings, with Nick Jett (Terror) and the band serving as producers. However, due to conflicting schedules between the band members, including Herrera, guitarist Greg Cerwonka, bassist Randy Noyes, drummer Mitch Reitman, and rhythm guitarist Ricky Garcia, the recording of the highly anticipated follow-up to Cause & Effect was prolonged. Writing for the album began in the summer of 2021 and tracking didn't conclude until June 2023, with Matt Hyde (Slayer, No Doubt, Deftones) handling the mixing and Nick Townsend on mastering duty. "We're incredibly proud of the record and believe it truly represents who we are and where we're from. But it was a strenuous process to create, and at times, it felt like we might not finish it," admits Greg. "There were scheduling issues and complications due to the pandemic, and on top of that, Greg played in the live lineup of Turnstile for a while, which added another layer of complexity. Regardless of all that, T.O.tality is here, and it marks a significant step forward for us."

T.O.tality, the latest album from the band, is a masterpiece that showcases the band's significant evolutionary leap. Frontman Anthony Herrera's meticulous attention to detail in crafting the lyrics and storytelling is evident in every track of the album. Herrera's creative vision, combined with his personal experiences and upbringing, has resulted in a unique and thought-provoking album that addresses themes and subjects such as existentialism, politics, perseverance, and letting go of regrets.

The album is a reflection of Herrera's growth as a songwriter and his willingness to express his thoughts and feelings with complete honesty. Herrera admits, "I feel like I didn't hold back on things I wanted to say. It's even in the title of the record - totality." The album features references to Mexica, which are beliefs that date back to early Mexico and are rooted in Herrera's upbringing. Herrera explains, "Certain tracks on the record have references to Mexica, which are beliefs that go back to early Mexico - something that I grew up with."

The album's lyrical complexity and depth are a culmination of Herrera's growth as a songwriter over the years. Herrera shares, "When I was younger, I don't think it was as easy for me to express certain things in words. I think things come easier now, and I feel like I put it all out there." The album's title, T.O.tality, is a nod to the completeness of the band's creative vision and the depth of emotion that the album evokes.

In conclusion, T.O.tality is a work of art that perfectly showcases the band's growth, maturity, and unique identity. The album's lyrical depth, combined with the band's impressive musical skills, creates a soundscape that transports the listener on an emotional journey. It is clear that the band is stronger than ever, and with T.O.tality, they have created their best work to date. 

Artwork | Hi Res Version Here

T.O.tality Track Listing: 

1 - Greetings From Below2 - S.W.O.3 - T.O.tality4 - If I’m Damned, So Be It5 - Assassination6 - Uncivilized Animals7 - Now Or Never8 - Deep Inside/House Of Shadows9 - No Mans Land (Instrumental)10 - Stolen Land11 - Until Then12 - Beyond Flesh And Bone13 - Give’m Chaos14 - The Prayer

Take Offense Live Dates: 

Mar 10: Los Angeles, CA - The Fonda TheatreMar 12: San Diego, CA - Brick By Brick

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