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Suicide Silence Embarks on North American Co-Headlining Tour with Chelsea Grin This Fall

Updated: Mar 6

Beginning on October 13th in San Antonio, Texas, Suicide Silence and Chelsea Grin commence their month long tour across North America which will end in Seattle, Washington the first week in November. In addition to the megastar deathcore bands Suicide Silence and Chelsea Grin, I AM and PEELINGFLESH will also accompany the co-headliners across North America. Tickets will go on sale to the public August 25th at 10 AM local time. Snatch some tickets below and get ready to be moshed into the ground.

Suicide Silence is an American deathcore band from Riverside, California who made their debut over two decades ago in 2002. Since then, the ensemble has released seven studio albums, three EPS, nineteen music videos, and won the Revolver Golden God award for "Best New Talent" in 2009. Although the group has changed in musicians over the years, the current setup of guitarists Chris Garza and Mark Heylmun, bassist Dan Kenny, vocalist Hernan "Eddie" Hermida, and drummer Ernie Iniguez, is just as hardcore and musically polished as the band's founding members. On this note, Suicide Silence are one of the most musically complex artists in the deathcore genre. The group consistently fuses together components of death metal and metalcore with influences from black metal, grindcore, mathcore, and groove metal. The band's dedication to remaining hardcore musically can be observed in the varied speed changes and complex time signatures within the music. In addition, the vocals of Eddie Hermida fluctuate between death growls and high-pitched screams which derive from the death metal and black metal genres. The signature sound of Suicide Silence harbors a die-hard fanbase who become rowdy for every show, no matter the city they're in. In early 2022, Suicide Silence announced their return to Century Media Records, where they released their first three albums. Soon after, the band teased fans with the title of their seventh studio album which released on March 10th of this year following four singles with coinciding music videos. The band recently joined Lamb of God on tour as an opener and now fans are impatiently awaiting to snag tickets to the headlining tour this fall.

Originating in Salt Lake City, Utah, deathcore band Chelsea Grin formed in 2007 initially under the name Ahaziah. The band eventually adopted the title Chelsea Grin after gaining an audience through MySpace where they released their first few singles including "Crewcabanger" and "Lifeless." As of 2018, no founding members remain in Chelsea Grin, however the music continues to live on. In fact, the band has never once officially taken a hiatus or stepped away from pleasing listeners with their music, making them one of the bigger names within the genre. In previous years, the band has cited Suicide Silence as an influence on their sound musically, hence we are looking forward to seeing these two bands collaborate on a co-headlining tour and possibly new music moving forward.

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