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Subtronics Immerses The Crowd In Constant Euphoria!

March 9, 2024- Subtronics performed at the Greensboro, North Carolina Coliseum Complex on the "Tesseract" tour with special guests; Skellytn, Automhate, SuperAve, Hedex, and Wooli. This event was my first EDM show and the amount of people waiting in line already before the show had even begun was insane. I was amazed by all the unique outfits everyone put together, even the little children were dressed in silly outfits with their parents. As I was waiting in line, a bunch of individuals were giving out homemade beaded bracelets and clips that go in your hair. By the time I got into the venue, I had 7 new bracelets and I had clips in my hair that looked like little mini trees!

Skellytn was the opening DJ and they already had hundreds of attendees watching and dancing within the first seven minutes of the event! This was my first EDM event like I stated in the beginning, so I wasn't prepared for the massive bass drops, erratic lights flashing everywhere, and the visuals behind the DJ. Skellytn was the first North American female to release a D&B album in 2022 and also graduated from a famous school in Los Angeles called Icon Collective. One of the songs that she performed on stage was "crazy frog" and that song mixed was 100% better than the original, of course, I started head-banging and joining what everyone else was doing in the crowd! She will be releasing a new single on March 22, 2024 called Darkside ft Crystalline!

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Automhate was the next DJ of the night and he was very energetic at the mixing board and would engage with the crowd constantly to make sure everyone stayed hyped throughout his whole set! He currently has 94,000 Spotify listeners with ID- HOL! and SPAGHETTI DUB having a total of 2 million Spotify plays! The Italian DJ started in 2018 and is currently rising in fame and popularity! With his outgoing personality on stage and beautiful fixating visuals, he definitely gained a fan!

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SuperAve was next! And I'm not going to lie; he was one of the best performances of the night due to him reminding me of someone at a metal concert dancing and having the time of their lives at the stage board! SuperAve is considered a mysterious DJ from South Carolina who blends 90's hip-hop, instilling immense nostalgia in the audience. SuperAve emerged in the scene in 2019 and ever since then will continue to rise to the top! One of the songs that they mixed that caught my attention was "Get Your Freak On" by Missy Elliot and I couldn't help, but dance and enjoy the moment with the rest of the crowd. As that song was playing, I was standing next to a bunch of guys and one of the guys actually lifted me onto his shoulders to get shots of SuperAve's visuals due to me being very short and attempting to stand on my tippy toes!

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Next up was the legendary famous DJ from the UK; Hedex! As I was taking photos in the barricade, I couldn't help, but notice these two little kids standing right in front and I don't think I've ever seen kids head-bang that hard. And, funny story, Hedex's bass drops were so strong that, when I was standing next to the speakers, the vibrations literally almost had me fall on the ground. Hedex currently has 2 million Spotify listeners with Liquor & Cigarettes and Move Your Body being the most popular songs!

Hedex will be performing at EDC, Parklife Festival, Hideout Festival, and many more festivals this year!

If you want to get lost in intense visuals, I highly recommend seeing Hedex perform live. You won't regret it. I might not have my hearing anymore after his performance, but it was worth it!

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Up next being the direct support for Subtronics was; Wooli! Wooli has been one of my favorite DJs since 2018 and It was an amazing experience to finally see him perform live! A standout from his set was his visuals of the wooly mammoth to match his alias name, the captivating light show was very interesting to see! Wooli has been attending rave shows since 2010, also went to a lot of Bassnectar and electronic festivals growing up, and he considered himself a "dubstep rave kid" and now look at him 14 years later! Performing in front of thousands of people!

Wooli's performance will make you feel like you're in a different dimension with the pulsating lights and the massive beats shaking the entire venue. I've never experienced laser beams at a live performance and it shocked me how much they lit the whole room at times. I could see over hundreds of people, probably over a thousand at best with their hands in the air, sitting on people's shoulders, or waving around wands that glowed!

Wooli will be performing at the Ultra Music Festival on March 22! Wooli has 1 million Spotify listeners with Another Me being the most popular song with 17 million Spotify plays!

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It was officially time for Subtronics! I was NOT prepared for the amount of screaming when he appeared on stage. I'm used to going to metal and rock concerts, but the EDM scene has us beat!

Jesse Kardon is an American Dubstep DJ from Philadelphia, who is also married to a female Dubstep DJ named Sonya Broner and her alias name is Level Up! Subtronics is known for the song Griztronics, a collaborative track with electronic artist GRiZ

Each song that Subtronics performed on stage was mind-blowing with the lasers and hard bass drops! The crowd was going insane and it was so hard to stay focused to capture these amazing visuals behind the DJ, but sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment yourself and take in the euphoria that everyone else was taking in. I was completely mesmerized by the lasers and how much it caused a reaction to the crowd! He was performing songs off of his newest album release "TESSERACT" which was released on February 16, 2024. One of my favorite songs he performed was "Amnesia" which has almost 800,000 Spotify plays. The most popular song off the newest album is "Black Ice" with almost 4 million Spotify plays!

This was my first EDM show and I highly recommend going to one especially ones that have Wooli and Subtronics! The TESSERACT tour was finally coming to an end that night and North Carolina the last night of the tour, so every single DJ gave everything they had! If you want to catch Subtronics, they will be performing at Beyond Wonderland, Texas Eclipse, EDC Las Vegas, and many more festivals for the rest of the year!

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