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Subcarbon Records Presents CHOMPPA'S Transformative EP "Hesitate"

Philadelphia-based talent CHOMPPA returns to the spotlight with his latest EP "Hesitate," marking a celebrated homecoming to Subcarbon Records, the esteemed imprint founded by Ganja White Night. Available now across all platforms, "Hesitate" promises a captivating sonic journey that builds upon CHOMPPA's innovative legacy in the bass music scene.

"After struggling to figure out my sound in the first few years of the CHOMPPA project, I’m finally confident that I’m doing something right. The recent live support from some of my idols and production inspirations has driven me to work even harder. Releasing these tunes with SubCarbon is a monumental full-circle moment for me, as I debuted my new alias with them in 2019 and to come back 5 years later with a full EP just feels like the universe’s plan. It’s an honor to work with grime MCs like Slowie and Rivibes, both have unique flows to their lyrics that complement my production perfectly. I’ve honestly never been more proud of a project in my life and I hope that pride resonates with the listeners.” - CHOMPPA

chomppa hesitate

The EP kicks of with its lead track, "Hesitate," setting the stage for an auditory expedition characterized by deep bass and celestial atmospheres. With its dynamic surge of sound, the track encapsulates CHOMPPA's signature style, drawing listens into its irresistible pull. Collaborating with Slowie, "Let Off" fuses sharp vocals with trap rhythms, driving the EP's vigorous energy forward.

"High & Mighty" introduces a mesmerizing auditory experience, featuring pulsating beats and charged vocals that transport the audience to an otherworldly soundscape. The collaboration with Rivibes, "Monsta," propels listeners into a frenetic bass onslaught, blending dissonant harmonies into a captivating sonic experience. The EP concludes with "Soundboy," an exhilarating blend of deep wonky basslines and compelling vocal cuts, leaving listeners yearning for more.

With "Hesitate," CHOMPPA enriches his discography and solidifies his status as a vanguard in the bass music scene. The EP invites listeners to explore the vast realms of bass music, showcasing CHOMPPA's adeptness at pushing genre boundaries while resonating with aficionados. Overall, "Hesitate" stands as a testament to CHOMPPA's skillful sound design and innovative approach to music production.


CHOMPPA made waves in the music music scene with his debut EP "Flabbergast," released on Zeds Dead's imprint Deadbeats in 2020. Drawing from a deep passion for music cultivated from an early age, CHOMPPA continues to push boundaries with his signature style. Having performed at renowned venues and festivals such as Red Rocks and Lollapalooza, CHOMPPA continues to push boundaries with his versatile production approach, exploring a range of style from old-school dubstep to new-age halftime.

As CHOMPPA returns to Subcarbon Records with "Hesitate," fans can expect an immersive sonic journey that expands their sonic palette while staying true to the artist's unique sound. With his relentless creativity and dedication to pushing boundaries, CHOMPAA is poised to leave a lasting impact on the bass music landscape.

For more information on CHOMPAA and his latest EP "Hesitate," check out the links below!



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