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Strung Out on 'Duality': Lindsey Stirling’s Dualistic Dance

Strung Out on 'Duality': Lindsey Stirling’s Dualistic Dance

Photo Credit: Ashley Osborne

Once upon a tune, in the realm of rhythm and rhyme, there emerged a maestro of the modern minuet, Lindsey Stirling, twirling into the spotlight with her latest opus, “Duality.” Set to enchant the world on June 14, under the banner of Concord Records, this album is a symphony of self, a dozen ditties delving deep into the dance of inner strength and the waltz of self-discovery.

With the finesse of a virtuoso, Lindsey weaves a tapestry of tunes that speak to the soul, each melody a thread shimmering with her signature sonic sophistication. But hark! A whimsical whisper winds its way through the airwaves – 'tis “Eye of the Untold Her,” a track that beckons the brave to follow not the map of their fears, but the compass of their gut. Crafted in cahoots with the maestro Mako and the composer Steve Mazzaro, this piece pirouettes on a piano that flutters and a violin that verily vents its vitality, culminating in a chorus that’s both an eruption and an exhalation.

“If only we could all see our full potential; what we could become. I think we would amaze ourselves. However we let disappointment, momentary failure, and the opinions of others discourage us. Beyond what our minds can comprehend and what outside sources tell us, we all have an inner eye that can tell us where our truest course lies. Listening to that will help us find our richest life,” Lindsey shared about the track.

The visual voyage accompanying “Eye of the Untold Her” is nothing short of a kaleidoscope of Lindsey’s legacies. A music video mosaic, it meanders through her metamorphosis – from the stages of America’s Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars to the mystical mien of a forest nymph and the avant-garde allure of a cyberpunk siren.

And lo! The album's inaugural anthem, “Evil Twin,” is a tempestuous tango that toys with the twilight within us. It’s a musical maelstrom that marries light with shadow, order with uproar, guiding listeners through a labyrinth of sound that sets the stage for an album that shape-shifts as it plays.

Strung Out on 'Duality': Lindsey Stirling’s Dualistic Dance

“Duality” stands as a testament to Lindsey’s lyrical lore, a blend of the classical and the contemporary that beckons the bold to embark on an auditory adventure of introspection and empowerment. And for those who wish to don the garb of this violin virtuoso, a trove of treasures awaits – from butterfly-bedecked bags to tuneful tees and vinyl's vested with her very signature. A sartorial symphony in sync with the sounds, available for the taking at the treasure trove of Lindsey’s online merch store.

“The title ‘Duality’ resonated with me deeply as it reflects the inner conflict I often experience,” Lindsey shared. “There are moments when I feel fearless and self-assured, contrasted sharply by times when self-doubt creeps in and I question my worth. Sometimes, I cling tightly to my actions, determined to shape my destiny, while at other times, I surrender to the flow of life. Every day, I believe we engage in internal battles of duality. We strive to discern which aspects to nurture, which to release and forgive, and which originate from our soul versus those imposed upon us. In my pursuit to bring this concept to life, I curated two distinct styles of music for each side of the album. Through the music, I aimed to evoke a sense of magic, for I think that at the core of our internal conflicts lies the enchanting paradox of being humans with boundless potential living, in a mortal world constrained by constructs like money, laws, and societal hierarchies. Over the past few years, I've embarked on a journey of self-discovery, delving into the magical facets of myself—my intuition, my capacity to love—and it was during this exploration that I crafted this album.” 

So, dear readers, let your ears be your guide and your spirit be your compass as you journey through the dualistic dreamscape Lindsey Stirling has spun.

Strung Out on 'Duality': Lindsey Stirling’s Dualistic DanceStrung Out on 'Duality': Lindsey Stirling’s Dualistic Dance



Evil Twin

Eye Of The Untold Her 


Serenity Found




The Scarlett Queen

Inner Gold (feat. Royal and the Serpent)

Survive (feat. Walk off the Earth)


Firefly Alley

La Fees

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