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STRAWBERRY GUY Sells Out Two Nights in a Row in Hollywood While Bringing the Audience to Tears.

The indie alternative musician Strawberry Guy stopped in Los Angeles at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre for two nights; both shows completely sold out!

The Liverpool-based singer/songwriter Alex Stephens, better known as Strawberry Guy, gives North America a short but beautiful tour with only eight stops. This show was a very unexpected (and welcomed) break from the norm— the night was nothing short of beautiful, melodic, and peaceful.

The concert took place on this quaint theatre stage in Barnsdall Park, Hollywood. Even though this was different from most shows I cover, getting to experience listening to the genius of Strawberry Guy in such an intimate setting was a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of December/everyday life. Having the ability to sit down and watch an artist perform their work in a quiet room full of loyal and devoted fans is one of the best feelings. 

The standout from this show for me was the pleasant difference between the studio recordings and the live versions. Strawberry Guy’s studio recordings typically include a range of synths with drums, vocal production, and piano, with an upbeat influence. However, this wasn't the case with the tour as Alex took a much more intimate approach to these performances. The only instruments used in this show were the piano, which he was on the whole time, a talented cellist, and three heavenly-sounding violinists.


These accompanying musicians brought a whole other emotional element to the show. The strings alongside his vocals made for the perfect pairing. They were strategically placed during buildups in a song or when Alex wasn't singing, which added a lot of dynamic and depth. The imagery stirred from the supporting strings brought not only me but everyone in the crowd to tears.

The audience was palpably excited to be here. They were ecstatic the moment Alex walked onto the stage.  Alex made use of the intimate space by interacting with the audience in between each song, encouraging crowd participation by telling jokes and asking questions. Every time the first piano note was played in a song, the audience was elated and made their joy known with voice and applause.

I would look around sometimes to find certain people with tears coming down their cheeks or hugging their significant other. You could tell there was a real connection between Strawberry Guy, his music, and his audience. The cherry on top was when Alex played two new unreleased songs. As expected, they were both met with the audience’s genuine love and approval. 

This was such a beautiful shared experience, and I am so grateful I got to capture some imagery from the evening. As great as the images turned out, they don’t compare to the in-person magic of hearing Strawberry Guy live. When Alex goes on tour again, I suggest you see him because I promise it will be an experience you won't forget.


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