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Stain The Canvas Unleashes a Ruthless Cover of "Unholy"

Post-hardcore enthusiasts, brace yourself! Stain The Canvas, the Milan-based powerhouse, is back with a bang, dropping a spine-chilling rendition of "Unholy" originally performed by Sam Smith and Kim Petras. Scheduled for release on March 22 via InVogue Records, this track marks the band's first release since their highly acclaimed deluxe edition of All Fine / eniF IIA in November of 2023.

stain the canvas

With a penchant for pushing musical boundaries, Stain The Canvas injects their trademark heavy yet cinematic vibe into "Unholy." The band effortlessly entwines addictive melodies with a darker atmosphere, transforming the track into something entirely their own. Fans can expect a gripping and intense listening experience as Stain The Canvas takes "Unholy" to new, audacious heights.

In a statement about the cover, the band shared, "Our version of Unholy has a completely different meaning from the original one: it’s a much darker song about a psychopath who starts fantasizing about an affair between him and a married man he met, thinking to seduce him in order to torture him to death for his own sadistic pleasure." This bold reinterpretation underscores Stain The Canvas's fearless approach to music-making and storytelling.

"Unholy" is not the only treat awaiting fans. The track follows the release of Stain The Canvas' deluxe album, All Fine / eniF IIA. This expanded edition features remixes of fan-favorite singles, including "Puppet" remixed by RAIZHELL and featuring Get Scared vocalist, Nicholas Matthews. Moreover, the album offers fresh singles like "friXion" and "In Reverse," showcasing the band's evolution while staying true to their signature sound and introspective lyrical themes.

Speaking about the deluxe edition, the band expressed, "We wanted to release a deluxe edition for our 'All Fine / eniF llA' album because we felt the need to experiment a little bit more with what our sound is. We think these three new songs are a bit different from what you heard previously, but they still have those vibes. Also, the lyrics fit well with what we talked about on 'All Fine / eniF llA': they're pretty sad or pessimistic, and sometimes even more critical."

The extensive tracklist of the deluxe edition offers a glimpse into the band's eclectic sonic palette, featuring collaborations with renowned artists such as The Word Alive, Outline In Colo, Famous Last Words, and Call Me Karizma. From the haunting "Dead Circus" to the anthemic "Shine (死ね)," each song resonates with raw emotion and musical prowess, solidifying Stain The Canvas' status as trailblazers in the post-hardcore scene.


Since their formation in 2019, Stain The Canvas has captivated audiences worldwide with their ferocious sound and electrifying live performances. From dropping their debut album "God Made Hell" to embarking on their first European tour in 2021, the band has consistently pushed the envelope, earning accolades and amassing a dedicated fan base along the way.

With their latest release, Stain The Canvas continues to captivate listeners and expand their musical horizons. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to their electrifying sound, "Unholy" and the deluxe edition of All Fine / eniF IIA promise an unforgettable journey through the dark and introspective world of Stain The Canvas.

Stay connected with the band on Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook to catch all the latest updates and releases from Stain The Canvas.


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