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SPIRITBOX In Consideration for Best Metal Song with Track "Jaded" for GRAMMY

Updated: Mar 21

Spiritbox Shot By Jonathan Weiner

Sounds Like Heavy Music’s Future - Loudwire

"Jaded" has all the hallmarks of the Canuck unit's icy alt-metal sound. Djent riffage that rumbles like a chunk of glacier breaking off and crashing into the choppy sea. Menthol-coated clean singing from vocalist Courtney LaPlante, who then quickly turns around to breathe fire when the heavy parts come in - Revolver

("Jaded")Showcases the band’s performative prowess and their fresh, stylized take on modern heavy music. -

The kind of total reset of the rulebook we saw in Slipknot's debut, Pantera's Cowboys From Hell or (whisper it) Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory. One thing is certain. The metal scene may never be the same after this. - Metal Inection

"an organic modern metal sound, one that can speaks to corners of both heavy and popular music genres" - Forbes

You can stream Jaded below!

There is no doubt that Spiritbox are one of the hottest bands in heavy music. Eternal Blue, their debut album, was released in September of 2021 and received critical acclaim, perfect score reviews and features everywhere from Spin, Forbes, Billboard and Alternative Press to Kerrang front covers! , Metal Hammer, Alternative Press, Rock Sound, Distorted Sound, Pollstar, and Revolver. A string of hit singles was released from the album, including "Holy Roller", "Constance", "Circle With Me", and "Secret Garden". 'Eternal Blue' charted #13 on the Billboard Top 200, #1 on the Rock Chart, #1 on the Hard Rock Chart, #1 on the Vinyl Chart, #2 on the Internet Albums Chart, #2 on the Independent Chart, #3 on the Digital Albums Chart and #3 on the Album Sales Chart, along with top 20 on the official charts of Australia (#8), Germany (#17) and the UK (#19). A total of 265 million streams have been recorded for Eternal Blue.

Following Jaded, Spiritbox also just released a new single titled "Cellar Door" which is one of the other tracks that is included in the new EP The Fear of Fear which will be out on November 3rd via Palechord Records. Some may consider this new banger of a song to be "Holy Roller 2.0" and it makes perfect sense considering the heavy chug riffs, LaPlante's vocals and how there are no clean vocals, only screams. This single and Jaded both deserve to have an award for one of the heaviest releases of 2023.




1. Cellar Door

2. Jaded

3. Too Close / Too Late

4. Angel Eyes

5. The Void

6. Ultraviolet

During 2022, Spiritbox released the 3-song Rotoscope EP following the release of Eternal Blue. The title track for which came accompanied by an official music video shot by Max Moore, which has run up over 3.6 million YouTube views. The EP has clocked up 28.5 million streams. To date, Spiritbox have accumulated over 436 million career streams across platforms and 76.4 million YouTube views. They were also nominated for 2 Juno Awards last year for Breakthrough Group Of The Year and Metal/Hard Music Album of The Year last year

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