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Softspoken Share Dark, Powerful New Single, “Oblivion”


Cincinnati-based Softspoken will release “Oblivion,” their second single of 2024, on March 8, 2024. The single follows January’s “Closer,” which was a collaboration with ALESTI.

For Fans Of: Bad Omens, Issues, Rain City Drive, Memphis May Fire, Until I Wake

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Softspoken is constantly improving and transforming its sound, blurring the lines between rock, metal, and punk to carve out its own unique niche within the sub-genres of post-hardcore and metalcore. With a darker and more aggressive tone than its previous releases, "Oblivion" highlights the band's exceptional skill in fusing sweeping, atmospheric melodies with intense, heavy riffs.


The vocalist of Softspoken, Sam Scheuer, has shared some insight into the meaning behind their newest track. The song delves into the idea of being completely consumed by the things you love to the point where it brings you to the edge of oblivion. Scheuer explains that you can lose yourself so completely in what you love that you begin to question who you are and even come to resent the unknowns. Speaking about the song, Scheuer adds that it is about the deep, dark hole that he sometimes finds himself in, but he finds strength in the fear that he will never escape. The track is lyrically one of the darker ones the band has written, but it comes with a note of hope as it reminds us that there is always a way out of the darkness.

After the success of their singles "Lovetok" and "Alone", Softspoken has seen strong growth across the board. They have supported acts such as Attila, Until I Wake, Nonpoint, Picturesque, Attack Attack, and Belmont in 2023. The band is set to announce international tours and festival appearances for the summer.


Softspoken is a band consisting of four members from the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio region. They are founded on the principle of being authentic and not allowing anyone else to determine their self-worth. By combining elements of post-hardcore, metalcore, and hard alternative rock, they create a unique blend of instrumentation and vocals that are both delicate and heavy-hitting. Their music offers a fresh and dynamic approach to the alternative music scene.

SOFTSPOKEN ONLINE: Facebook | Instagram | Theroria Records | X

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