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Smash Into Pieces Performs At The Music Farm!

On May 21, 2024, Smash Into Pieces performed at The Music Farm with special guest; Versus Me! This was a short show which I didn't mind at all because I'm so used to shows having five bands, but this was a relaxing night to actually enjoy the music! It was a fun Tuesday night and I made a few connections with some of the attendees which made the night even more memorable!

Opening the night was Versus Me, which I recently saw not that long ago when they toured with For The Fallen Dreams and Elijah in Columbia, South Carolina! The band formed in 2014 in Janesville, Wisconsin, consisting of; James Milbrandt (Vocals), Lee Milbrandt (Bass), Dustin Hansin (Guitar), and J.J. Johnson (Drums).

This band has became one of my favorite bands live because their live performance sounds exactly like in studio. The two brothers in the band and the drummer are the most interactive with the crowd, but the drummer takes the top spot because he is constantly smiling and he always looks like he is having the time of his life. You can see with the guitarist that he is very much in the zone and to be honest; I would be in his position if I was on stage just like him.

They currently have over 300,000 Spotify listeners with songs such as "Terrified," "Down," and "Blackout" being their top songs! These three songs are my favorite as well and I sang along to every song during their set. Going between cleans and lows, James did not disappoint. The positive energy that this band radiates on stage was definitely seen in the crowd with people head banging and jumping along with the musicians on the stage! Likes James stated, "You are here to have a good time at a Versus Me show!"

Keep Up With Versus Me Online: Website / Facebook / Instagram

Next up was Smash Into Pieces! I personally never listened to this band before, but I decided to put in a request to photograph it because the drummer caught my attention very quickly! And I love diversifying myself into different genres! The band formed in 2008 in Sweden, consisting of; Chris Adam Hedman Sorbye (Vocals), Benjamin Jennebo (Lead Guitar), The Apocalypse DJ (Drums), and Per Bergquist (Rhythm Guitar).

The band released their newest album "Ghost Code" on April 12, 2024, with songs such as; "Heroes Are Calling," "Six Feet Under," "Trigger," and "Afterglow" being the top-played songs from that album! They also recently released "Heroes Are Calling Electro Remix" with APOC on May 17, 2024! If you're a fan of Starset, you will love this band! Between the visuals on stage, the drummer's unique LED mask, and the vocalist sounding astounding, I found a new band to listen to daily on the way to work! The execution of their performance was completely eye-catching and flawless in every way possible increasing excitement in the crowd within every minute!

During their set; I actually got stopped by a young gentleman and he asked me a few photography questions and also stated "I wish I was into photography like you are because to be able to get professional photos of this band would change my whole life. I've been listening to this band for a few years and I'm glad I was able to FINALLY see them."

Keep Up With Smash Into Pieces Online: Website / Instagram / Facebook

I should honestly start going to shows like this with fewer bands because it allows me to take in the atmosphere without running around like crazy. I loved seeing the younger generation enjoying this show with their parents! It might've not been a packed night, but the attendees who did come that night made the show memorable showing support!

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