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sleepmakeswaves announce april 12 release date for latest album: It's Here, But I Have No Names For It

sleepsmakeswaves, the electrifying Australian post-rock band, return with a new album in 2024 entitled It's Here, But I Have No Names For It, out April 12 via Bird's Robe Records.

A preview of the eight collection came last Friday with the release of "Super Realm Park." The band share the following insight into the track: “The main riff and synth on ‘Super Realm Park’ was inspired by F-Zero, the old school Nintendo 64 game. We developed and refined the concept into the first half of the track to bring in some late ‘90s influences. We fit a few walls with how to close the track, until one afternoon, we suddenly realized it needed a slow, crushing, hypnotic wall of noise. We can’t wait to play it live."

"Super Realm Park" is a captivating blend of video-game electronic elements curated with post-rock, post-metal, and progressive rock tendencies. The entirely instrumental song is a sonic journey for lovers of all genres to appreciate with intricate guitar passages, pulsating rhythms, and cinematic textures, creating an overall immersive musical landscape. The soaring guitar melodies lead this song, with expansive build-ups and moments of intense crescendo, creating a powerful and evocative experience. The song transitions between fast-paced, aggressive instrumental breakdowns to light passages brilliantly, specifically mid song where acoustics absorb the sonic atmosphere. This song phenomenally displays sleepmakeswaves' musical style, which is characterized by a balance between delicate, ambient passages and intense, heavy segments.


It's Here, But I Have No Names For It was self-produced and recorded at Golden Retriever Studios in Sydney, Australia. Written during the pandemic, it was recorded in 2022, just before the band embarked on a three-month tour for their previously released album, these are not your dreams. sleepmakeswaves finalized work on the new collection in 2023, including string arrangements by Simeon Bartholomew (SEIMS). It's Here, But I Have No Names For It is a majestic return to the classic hallmarks of the band's melodic post-rock sound, while introducing new production and arrangement elements. Fans of the band's heavy, bombastic aggression will resonate with tracks such as "All Hail Skull" and "Ritual Control." They also shine with invigorated melodic and emotive performances on songs like "Black Paradise" and "Terror Future." Retaining their signature approach to heavy dynamic and crescendos, the band are still at their unmatched peak when they turn their hand to cataclysmic emotional epics such as the title track and the album closer, "This Close Forever."

It’s Here, But I Have No Names For It track list:


1.    All Hail Skull

3.    Ritual Control

4.    Black Paradise

5.    Verdigris

6.    Terror Future

7.    It’s Here, But I Have No Names For It

8.    This Close Forever

Album pre-orders, including limited-edition vinyl (verdigris swirl, luminescent and marble variants), as well as CD and digital offerings, are available now via

A U.S. tour is in the works, with the band confirmed for the Indianapolis-hosted PostFest in July (25 to 27).


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