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Slaughter To Prevail: New Song Out Now!

Slaughter To Prevail began teasing their new song back in December, but the wait is over. "Conflict" was released on February 28th, and it's just as brutal as their previous work. This is our first look at new music since the release of "Viking" in 2023. The long wait did not let us down.

With a run time of 2 minutes and 24 seconds, this song is short but straight to the brutal point. It consists of predominantly Russian lyrics, but that won't stop you from feeling the brutality of it. This song has everything you'd expect from the band. Alex's brutal beast like vocals, breakdowns, and an MMA cage match! Yes, a cage match! Nothing screams "Slaughter To Prevail" like two fighters beating the crap out of each other, bare knuckle style. The links will be posted at the end of this article, definitely check it out!

Whether you're a longtime fan, or this is your first-time hearing of STP, make sure to catch their upcoming shows! They have a short run so far, so don't miss it! Tour dates are listed below, and don't forget to check out the new song.

April 26th, Los Angeles, CA

April 27th, Las Vegas, NV (Sick New World)

April 30th, Denver, CO

May 10th, Daytona, FL (Welcome To Rockville)

May 15th, Brooklyn, NY

May 18th, Columbus, OH (Sonic Temple)

May 19th, Milwaukee, WI (Milwaukee Metal Fest)

Check out the video on YouTube and stream the track on Spotify!


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