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SKYND + Heaven’s Gate

MARCH 7 - SKYND is back with a new release.

The true crime inspired duo exorcize beauty by bloodletting as they mine some of history’s most baffling, bizarre, and brutal crimes across their EPs. Chapter V started in 2023 with 'Robert Hansen' and 'Bianca Devine'. Their latest release, 'Heaven's Gate', concludes the chapter. SKYND is known for taking inspiration from inexplicable cases, so it's no surprise they would choose a case as bizarre as this one.

For those who don't know, Heaven's Gate was a religious group, although most consider it a cult, that formed in 1974. It is most known for being one of the world's largest mass suicides, taking place in 1977.

"This is the second case I have written about a cult. Two cults that cannot be compared with each other and yet they have some (or a lot of) parallels. As incredible and bizarre as Heaven's Gate seems, there are still cults today that brainwash their followers. The whole concept of cults fascinates me because it's always the same thing..." - SKYND

This was my first time digging into SKYND and I absolutely loved it! As someone who is intrigued by true crime, I knew I wouldn't have any issue falling in love. If this song is able to captivate you make sure you check out some of SKYND other tracks. Some of my personal favorites are 'Columbine', 'Jim Jones' and 'Gary Heidnik'.

You can find these songs, and 'Heaven's Gate' on Spotify.


Watch the video here:

Make sure to check out their tour dates below:

  • THURSDAY 20 - SUNDAY 23 JUNE. Graspop Metal Meeting 2024. Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium

  • FRIDAY 21 - SUNDAY 23 JUNE. Full Force Festival 2024. Ferropolis, Gräfenhainichen, Germany

  • FRIDAY 28 JUNE. Dagspass fredag - Tons of Rock 2024

  • THURSDAY 15 - SUNDAY 18 AUGUST. Motocultor Festival 2024


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