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Skillet at The Devon Lakeshore amphitheater!

It was a hot day on June 6, when Skillet would take the stage at the Devon Lakeshore Amphitheater in Decatur, Illinois! Fans gathered outside waiting for the gates to open. Other fans rushed to will-call to purchase last-minute tickets with excitement! Once gates opened fans gathered within to claim their spots and grab their concessions along with merchandise. Pure joy and enthusiasm were in the air. 


Icon for Hire took the Devon Lakeshore stage first. They put such an energy into their performance that fans did not know what to expect! Despite their great music, Icon For Hire took a moment to allow their drummer the spotlight! They exited the stage and left him to rally up the fans! A mash-up of “Ay Oh,” Backstreet Boys and Brittany Spears was implemented into one! Upon the artist's return to stage a cover by Eminem was performed. And thereafter a pride flag was waved. The band’s guitarist engaged in throwing guitar picks into the crowd throughout the show. This high-energy performance prepared fans for the one and only Skillet! Icon For Hire took time to speak to the crowd; “how many of you have had a dream and been told that you couldn’t? Us too. We were fortunate enough to have a community who believed in us. It’s not easy we just make it our journey as we go along.” Icon for Hire performed a couple more of their songs before exiting the stage and allowing their drummer to throw his drumsticks into the crowd. 

As intermission took place, Icon for Hire met fans at their Merch stand. 

Soon it was time for the show fans were all waiting for! Skillet took the stage fans were hyped for their show! The crowd roared and out came the drummer bassist, guitarist, and, soon enough, lead singer. Making his appearance a bit later on the stage came Skillet’s iconic violinist! As Skillet performed some of their hit songs such as "Monster," "The Resistance," "Awake," and "Alive" along with more fan favorites. The entire performance the lighting was absolutely phenomenal! 


The majority of the way through the show, John Cooper stopped to interact with fans. He took notice of a fan's Skillet tattoo. Korey Cooper who was standing behind John pulled out her phone to snap a photo of the fan's tattoo work. The show progressed and John, while performing, kissed his wife Korey. The crowd cheered and roared. Skillet soon exited the stage and the lights remained dim. The fans chanted “One more song, one more song!” A couple of short minutes later Skillet came back out to the stage and performed their last song of the night! 

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