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Silverstein Performs At The Masquerade Spreading Nostalgia Throughout The Crowd!

On December 1, 2023- Silverstein performed at The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia with special guests: Avoid and Stray From The Path! The event was held in the "Heaven" part of the venue that has two floors and both were packed in with attendees! Seeing the crowd having kids as young as 7 years old only further enhances how amazing music really can be and how it captures the attention of all ages.

Opening the night was the band Avoid! Avoid was formed in Seattle, Washington and are currently signed to Thriller Records. Avoid consists of Benny Scholl (Vocals) , Nick Olson (Guitar) , Brandon Parker (Guitar) , Jason Dagget (Bass) , and David Dusseault (Drums). The band was a rebrand from their old band in high-school called Avoid the Void.

Cult Mentality released November 4th, 2022 with "Can't Take This Away" resting with one million plays on Spotify. The album was released during their tour with The Plot In You, Silent Planet, and Cane Hill.

Benny made sure he started the show with explosive energy by crowd surfing and then putting on Astro Boy Boots.

I spoke to someone in the crowd during their set; "I have never heard of them before. I came here just for Silverstein, but damn this dude can move. Gained a new fan. Never seen so much energy from someone unless you're ladies at like a Guns N' Roses show. Then you SEE ENERGY"

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Next up was Stray From The Path from Long Island! I've personally been listening to this band since "Anonymous" released in 2013 with "Black Friday" and "Scissor Hands" being my favorite songs off that album. Most of their lyrics disect how corrupt the world is, police brutality, racial injustice, and capitalism. One band member stated in an interview; "I don't vote because it will only continue the horrible cycle in this world"

The band consists of Andrew Dijorio (Vocals) , Thomas Williams (Guitar) , Anthony Altamura (Bass) , and Craig Reynolds (Drums). The latest album they released was "Euthanasia" September 9, 2022 with Guillotine, III, and Needful Things being the top 3 songs with over one million Spotify plays!

Andrew stated; "I want to see at least 25 crowd surfers! LETS GOOOO!" Above images are of numerous crowd surfers

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Currently headlining this amazing tour is Silverstein celebrating the 10 year anniversary for "This is How the Wind Shifts" and will also be performing other fan favorites! The second song they performed was "Smile In Your Sleep" and that is one of my all time favorite songs from the album "Discovering The Waterfront." The band is also doing live set list voting which allows fans to choose songs they want to hear during the show!

Silverstein formed in Burlington, Ontario in 2000 being named after Shel Silverstein who is a children's author that all the members of the band grew up reading. Silverstein released 11 studio albums, 2 live albums, 6 EPs, and 3 compilation albums!

I've personally been listening to this band since "Smile In Your Sleep" was released which made me about 12 years old. It amazes me that this band has been creating music for over 20 years and still has an amazing fan base surrounding them even with changes to their sound throughout the years. Finally being able to see them live and to even have the lifetime opportunity to photograph a childhood favorite made me very jubilated and blessed. The energy Shane had during his performance made the experience even better than I could've imagined

Silverstein released their latest album "Misery Made Me" on May 6, 2022 with "It's Over" being the most popular song with eight million plays!

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