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Set It Off Performs An Explosive Set in North Carolina!

On March 18, 2024 , Set It Off performed at The Underground in Charlotte, North Carolina with special guests; Death By Romy and Crown The Empire on The Deathless Tour! Caskets, at the moment, is having difficulties with their visa's to come to the states, so they weren't able to perform sadly. The rest of the bands with their immense talent were able engage the crowd despite Casket's absence, when I talked to some of the attendees, they stated they traveled and wanted to see Caskets, but also stated that they realized they needed to be more open minded and some left loving all the bands! When you go to shows, you HAVE to stay open minded cause every musician on the tour are there to captivate you and to make sure you are undoubtedly having the time of your life.

Opening the night was; Death By Romy! I was very excited for this set because they became one of my favorite musicians in the past few months! Romy Flores is currently the mastermind of Death By Romy, being their singer/songwriter, she was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Their genre of music can be considered alternative pop, dark pop, trap, and more! Romy's musical elements and lyrical themes are centered around suicide, depression, and anxiety which she enhances the ambiance of by wearing gothic and dark clothing and makeup. The band played songs such as "City of Angels," "Hellhound," "Crash," and many more!

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Next up was Crown the Empire! Crown the Empire formed in 2010 in Dallas, Texas consisting of Andrew Rockhold (Vocals) , Brandon Hoover (Rhythm Guitar) , Hayden Tree (Bass) , and Jeeves Avalos (Drums). I've personally been listening to this band since 2014 when The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways was released with "Machines," "Second Thoughts," and "Bloodline" being my favorites

The band performed songs such as "DOGMA" and "Black Sheep" from the album "Dogma" released April 28, 2023 with "DOGMA" having over 3 million Spotify plays! Numerous songs from the album "Sudden Sky" were additionally performed, classics such as "Blurry (Out of Place)" and "What I Am" graced the stage with post-hardcore madness.

Photographing Crown The Empire was tough because the vocalist does not stand still at all and is constantly moving on the stage which makes for amazing motion photos though! This is my second time photographing them on this tour and they are still giving their absolute all, 101%, during their set!

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Finally it was time for Set It Off! Set it Off formed in 2008 in Tampa, Florida consisting of Cody Carson (Vocals) , Zach DeWall (Bass) , and Maxx Danziger (Drums). Throughout the years, they been signed to Equal Vision Records, Fearless Records, and then stated they went independent!

The band opened up with "Parasite" and honestly the energy and the light production made this song one of my favorites of the night! They also performed "Fake Ass Friends" which is their newest single released March 1, 2024 with over 1 million Spotify plays already within only 19 days! This show is my second time seeing them basically in the same week and their fanbase is insane at every show. I have never heard so much screaming at a barricade before and I swore they were louder than the music itself. Now I know that Set It Off fans will break your ear drums in a good way!

Cody and the vocalist from DeathByRomy performed "Partners In Crime" together! The crowd couldn't stop screaming the lyrics and crowd surfing to the duo!

I was blessed to have been able to photograph Set It Off twice on this tour. I believe their stage presence and Cody's live vocals are way better than in studio recording! They have no problem engaging with the crowd by waving at them, giving them fist pumps when they come to the barricade after crowd surfing, or just smiling at everyone in general! It saddens me that Caskets was not able to perform at these shows due to visa complications, but we all definitely missed them and I hope to see them soon!

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