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Sea Of Treachery Performs At Their Favorite Venue; The Masquerade!

On March 27, 2024, Sea of Treachery performed at The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia with special guests; Reaping Asmodeia, Obsidian Mind, and In Somni! The night was filled with nostalgia for me as well as enjoying new music that I'd never heard before! I left that show adding three bands to my Spotify list to listen to on my 4 hour drive home!

Opening the night was In Somni! A nu-metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia consisting of Monti Patel (Vocals), David Price (Guitar), Ryan Drinnen (Bass), Douglass Salmon (Drums), and Lael Silva (Guitar). I already knew this band was going to be good due to the amount of people that came for their set! Within the first 15 seconds of their setlist, I instantly became a fan. It's very hard to impress me and this opening band did an amazing job leaving me speechless. I actually talked to the vocalist after their set and told them that this is the reason why I travel so much cause local musicians sound insane sometimes and that I was very impressed with their performance and stage presence! This set was important because this show was the last show before two band members departed officially.

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Up next was Obsidian Mind; An American Metal band from Cincinnati, Ohio consisting of

Jacob Daugherty (Vocals), John Schneider (Bass), Stephen Dunham (Guitar), and Jordan Vidas (Drums). Their music can be considered a mixture of metal, metalcore/deathcore with their guttural screams as well as spine-chilling breakdowns! If you want to listen to a band where all you want to do is mosh and break everything in sight, this is the band for you. This was the first time listening and watching this band perform live and they didn't disappoint. Usually, I'm not into metal or deathcore, but I was able to enjoy their set!

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Next up was Reaping Asmodeia! Reaping Asmodeia formed in 2013 in Minneapolis, Minnesota consisting of Alexander Kelly, Jakub Kingery, Daniel Koppy, and fill-in vocalist Eric Keyes! This band was actually pretty cool honestly! They all came out wearing these black robes making them appear mysterious at first! Their energy on the stage was insane and the amount of engagement each musician had with the crowd was amazing. The band currently has 622 Spotify listeners with Darkened Infinity being their newest album release back in 2021! False Awakening, Epoch of Choler, and Dreamcaster are the most popular songs on their Spotify from that album! They did have technical difficulties during their set, but they made it fun and it was quickly resolved!

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Finally! It was time for Sea of Treachery and let me tell you - I've been a fan of this band for over a decade and to finally see them perform live - yes, my inner teenage self was screaming. The band was formed in 2004 in Hebron, Kentucky! All I thought about was "I hope they play all the Wonderland album songs" and guess what? THEY DIDN'T! This broke my heart because, during my interview with the band earlier on in the night, Alex stated their drummer had to stay home due to having personal obligations and their fill-in drummer is actually their guitarist and the album was too complicated to learn that quickly for the tour. Having the chance to actually interview Christian and Alex was an amazing experience, since it was my first interview and they were very easygoing.

What do I like so much about them? Sea of Treachery supports local musicians and Alex even stated that he's glad kids are still getting out there creating bands because he felt like the last few years with kids having to do Zoom calls, they lost the ability to be social! Okay, let's start off by stating who's currently in the band; Alex Huffman (Vocals), Christian McManama (Lead Guitar), Cody Patton (Drums), Aaron Hoover (Rhythm Guitar), and Tyler Monell (Bass).