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Sam Hunt Takes On His Outskirts Tour After 10 Years Since His First Album

Sam Hunt singing "Make You Miss Me" at the Covelli Centre

Lily Rose

Being graced by the presence of Lily Rose on the Outskirts tour was a feeling I don’t think I’ll ever live down. Lily Rose, a country singer from Atlanta, Georgia, broke out in 2020 from her single "Villain."  She is often considered a trailblazer and groundbreaking within country and sure lived up to this title Sunday night at the Covelli Centre in Youngstown, Ohio.

Interacting with her fans and seeing the support of the crowd was groundbreaking and satisfying to see. Rose shared that Ohio was one of her favorite places to do country shows because of the crowd interactions she has.  She performed songs old, new, and covered and the crowd enjoyed all of it thoroughly.

Brett Young

After his nationwide hit self titled album released in 2017, Brett Young has established himself as a beloved name in country music.  In 2024, he is taking on the Outskirts Tour with Sam Hunt and Lily Rose.  During his performance in Youngstown, he played hit after catchy hit that everyone, floor to ceiling, sang and danced to. 

Young's more emotional classics moistened the eyes of some and his love songs had couples slow dancing.  It was wonderful to see the audience’s response to his music and how much it has impacted them.  His interactions with the crowd, specifically, were also personal and you could tell he enjoyed performing.  Young wore a Youngstown State shirt during his set, which was fitting for his namesake and location.

Sam Hunt

From playing football in Cedartown, Georgia to playing the biggest venues in the United States, Sam Hunt continues to tour after 10 years since his debut album, “Montevallo,” released in 2014.  He expressed his appreciation to his fans’ dedication and patience with his slow production of music due to him prioritizing his personal and familial life.  Through all of this, he continues to tour and brought the energy in Youngstown on Sunday, March 3rd.

From playing cult classics from "Montevallo" to new songs, like “Water Under The Bridge” (where a LITERAL bridge lifted from the stage), Sam Hunt showed the crowd what entertainment in country music can look like.  He interacted with the crowd from the front to the back.  This does not mention the amazing stage presence of the rest of the band, which continually interacted with the crowd.  Hunt had a stage at the back of the venue where he performed songs from “Montevallo.”  He talked about his song, “Cop Car,” which is about a date he went on with a girl and they almost got arrested.  After he told this story, he revealed he ended up marrying the girl in the song.  Hunt continued his set by bringing out Lily Rose to sing “Wishful Drinking.”  He talked about how he recorded many songs with Keith Urban, another country artist known for his classic radio hits, and expressed how he is grateful that he got the opportunity to do this.

Sam Hunt knew how to mix tender tear-jerkers and hits to dance to and will continue with his pioneering tour.


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