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Updated: May 2

Rising star Elle Darlington has released her new single “hiatus” via Columbia Records. The infectious pop earworm with an R&B groove finds Elle putting herself first and encouraging others to take themselves out of situations that no longer serve them.

Elle says: “‘hiatus is a song for anyone who has felt unappreciated in a relationship and had to learn to put themselves first and walk away. It’s super empowering and fun and is the perfect vibe to blow off some steam with your girls too!”

hiatus” builds on Elle’s artistry as a singer/songwriter and follows the release of her original holiday song “christmas is you” and debut single “wish you would.” Co-written by Elle alongside Andrew Jackson (Halsey, Dua Lipa), “wish you would” was accompanied by a video that saw Elle and friends have a fun day-turned-night out in London’s party district. Watch the video for "hiatus" below:

Elle grew up in rural Wales but moved to London earlier in 2023 to pursue her music career and is poised to become one of the UK’s next breakthrough artists. Now signed to Columbia Records, Elle’s music pushes the boundaries of contemporary pop; her voice is undeniably incredible, and the inspiration she has drawn from the multitude of artists she grew up listening to makes her sound truly unique. A hugely promising year ahead, Elle has been featured in People Magazine’s Emerging Artists Making Their Mark This Winter and Rolling Stone’s Pop Artist to Watch in 2024. Read the full article here.

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